These Are The Best Days, Not The Easy Days


These Are The Best Days, Not The Easy Days

“Don’t wish these days away.”

“Soak it up- they are only this little for a short time.”

“It goes by so quickly!”

These are statements all the moms on the internet say to me when I’m staying up in the middle of the night with a screaming baby, sleep-deprived, with hair I haven’t washed since who-knows-when. I try to be really positive in this moment, but the mix of the sleepless fog and the fact that my circumstance stinks right now win over.

Let me tie my revelation about the challenge of these early mom years to something I know a lot about- fitness.

I’m a personal trainer, but I wasn’t always into fitness and health. I didn’t exercise at all in college and had my fair share of endless late night bowls of Reese’s Puffs at the Penland dining hall. However, I decided to join my friends in training for a half marathon to get in shape for my wedding. I was terrified- the last time I tried to run, I made it halfway around the bear trail and panicked because I thought I was dying. Seriously.

My friends and I started at 2 miles. Then the next week we did 3. Then 4. I remember being scared sick every week when we added a mile to our long run. However, with a little determination, some pep talks, and encouragement from my training partners, I was able to do the run and go further each week. Each week I was so shocked, but also felt an amazing sense of accomplishment. By the end of our training, I was able to run the half marathon and I actually had fun doing it.

The reason this experience made me fall in love with fitness? I had the realization that I can do hard things. No matter how scared or tired or much I want to stop because I think I’m going to die, hard things make you better, stronger, and are the things that make life rich.

Being a mom is hard, and every day is like adding a mile to our long run. Can I really do this again today? Can I have this conversation with my kiddo? Can I have another sleepless night? Can I endure another screaming tantrum? In the moment these things feel overwhelming, but as moms we continually overcome and do the hard thing.

What if that’s what makes these the best days?

A fulfilled life is one with trials and triumphs and coming out the other side better, not a life that’s easy. I think motherhood is the most fulfilling job because it’s one of the hardest jobs. It’s okay to feel and know that it’s hard, and to be scared about getting through some of these challenging days. And the best part is you don’t have to go through this alone. We can seek out help and pep talks from grandparents, family, friends, our church small group, or even a babysitter. We can celebrate even when we make it through a simple but challenging day. We are allowed to be proud of ourselves and acknowledge that we are doing this hard thing called motherhood.

Before we know it, we will come full circle and wish we could get these best days back…just like they told us.