Top 10 Mommy Apps To Make Your Life Easier


Can we all agree that the technological age can occasionally get out of hand? That we are all slightly addicted to our phones, computers, iPad etc.? In a world of go, go, go it seems like such a blur and I can’t stress enough the importance of slowing down and mindfulness. Really being present in the NOW and getting our faces out of the screens and into reality.

But can we also all agree that there are some technological advances that make our lives SOO much easier!? There are great tools out there that help working moms, stay at home moms, busy families of young and older kids. Our lives are getting busier and busier and at times it’s nice to be able to USE certain tools to HELP with this process.

Here are a list of the “Top 10 Apps to help with a Busy MOM Life”:

CALM – As stated above, I cannot stress the importance of mindfulness and refilling your own cup in order to give more to your family. Calm is an app that takes you through the meditation process. There are meditations for stress, anxiety, happiness, gratitude, forgiveness, self-esteem, and breaking bad habits. There is an emergency calm meditation for those moments of pure exhaustion and overwhelming stress. There are also masterclasses that talk about all different “self-help” subjects. I use this app daily and feel it has really helped me bring a calmer, more joyful presence to my family.

COZI – Schedules. More kids equals busier schedules. Not to mention my husband and I’s OWN busy schedules. Cozi is a calendar, organizer that is shared between family members. Each member can access the calendar by phone or online. There are places to make grocery lists, put in birthdays and anniversaries, and get reminders on certain activities. It is an all-around amazing app to help keep your life organized and stress free.

KEEPY – This app allows you to keep, share, and organize your children’s artwork, schoolwork and family memories. You can share with grandparents as well as create and order gifts and prints in minutes. This sounds amazing and so much more efficient then my drawers of art work that I am “going to go through someday,” ((insert eye roll emoji here))

CHOREMONSTER – This app is an easy to use tool that allows your kids to earn points by completing assigned chores and earn rewards dictated by you! It is interactive which kids LOVE and gets them excited about completing chores as they rack up points like a video game. We have a blackboard, but my kids would LOVE the added bonus of using this app like a video game!

OURPACT – This app allows you to control and set daily screen time allowances for your children, block certain internet content and certain apps. There is a kid tracker, phone tracker etc. so that you control what your kids see and where they are. As my friend says, “Get an attitude and I can delete all your apps until I feel like turning them back on.”

LIFE360 – This is the world’s leading real-time, location-sharing app and is the best way to coordinate with family and friends. This app allows you to view the real-time location of your family or friends. Provides alerts when they arrive or leave at work/home/school etc. There is a secure and private chat between members, information on your children’s driving as well a crash detection service. I can guarantee we will be downloading this app as our kids get older.

SPOTIFY – Music apps speak for themselves. Kid friendly music is always an advantage and not having to listen to the same songs over and over helps mommy and daddy stay sane as well.

VOXER – Acts as a walkie talkie between phones. Easier, faster and safer then texting the app instantly connects and allows you to communicate in real-time live.

PEANUT – Is THE app for mothers. It is essentially a social network specific for mothers. It is a way to easily connect, share experiences, chat and create meet ups with like-minded mommas.

FONTCANDY – Gone are the days of scrapbooking. Fontcandy allows you to overlay text and pictures. I personally use my social media apps and technology to “collect memories,” and this is the perfect way to add flare or just to memorialize the event. It can also be used for merchandise etc.

What is your favorite app that allows your mommy mind to rest, or just provides a tool for efficiency and ease?

Share your thoughts with me!