The Truth About Social Media


It is no secret that social media is making its way into everyone’s life. 

Social media helps us to find long lost friends, keep up with what our friends and family are up to, and keep everyone updated on our own lives.

Social media also has a dark side. We start trying to have perfect lives because we see others posting their perfect lives. 

I know me personally, being a mom in this day of age is so much HARDER because of social media. We worry about what other moms are thinking about the way we mother, and try to be like everyone else. 

For instance, I see moms posting that perfect lunch they prepared for their adorable children, while I think about that boring ham sandwich I packed for my poor children. 

And those wonderful, healthy, homemade dinner posts make me sadly question the spaghetti and meatballs I made my family for the second time this month.

Social media is making our jobs HARDER, but not all is as it seems.

I have been guilty of those perfect mom, perfect life social media posts. But I am calling myself out.  I am going to let you in on the truth of social media.

The Perfect Family Photo


Look at my perfect family photo…did I forget to post all the horrible takes?? I forgot to mention it took an hour to get that shot and all the while I was yelling at my kids to smile in between my smiles.






That Perfect healthy, homemade dinner.

I finally cook a healthy dinner, so I have to post it. Now you think I am on top of my game and I am a regular Rachael Ray. In reality my family had frozen pizza and sandwiches multiple times last week.



I walked 20,000 steps today!!

Oh I might have forgot to mention I was taking my kids trick or treating or to the zoo when I accumulated those steps. The day before I accumulated a whopping 2,000 steps, as I lounged around in my pajamas.



Look at my sweet little angels.

Awe, look at how sweet my babies are being to each other, they just love each other so much! Of coarse, two minutes before this picture they were fighting about who hates school more. 




Our Perfect Family Vacation

“I am having a blast with my loving family on vacation!” I totally forgot to mention the breakdowns in the car, bathroom breaks and how many times I heard the dreaded words “Are we there yet?” Oh and it slipped my mind the amount of times I heard “I’m bored” on VACATION.



The Perfect Couple

Everybody has a perfect relationship on social media. I am guilty of posting that selfie of my husband and I being all cute together. TRUTH, I had to threaten his life for that dang selfie. Followed by him rolling his eyes at me, leading to me giving him the silent treatment…after the perfect selfie of coarse. 




I could go on and on about my truth, but hey I don’t want to put all my dirty laundry out there. 

There is no perfect families. Don’t try so hard being that perfect social media mom, be you and enjoy all the moments of motherhood…even the non perfect ones.

My non perfect family, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world!