Valentine’s Food for the Soul


The desire of our hearts is to love our children and to provide a safe and secure environment for them to thrive in. That they would know they are loved undoubtedly having grown up in a caring, nurturing and peace filled surrounding. We crave an Eden like home for our babies, toddlers and preschoolers to float like chubby cherubs blowing kisses at mama as she makes heart shaped pancakes.

As innocent mothers-to-be our image of life with children is glazed with happiness. Oh, how babies will complete us, coat our homes with beautiful, sought out meaning. The fairy tales of babes filling our arms and silent nights lull us to sleep on marshmallows puffs covered with chocolate rolled in sprinkles.

We see these mini versions of ourselves in our minds eye growing up happier then us because they will listen and learn from our mistakes. The blues of our past we’ll feed our children like sliced strawberries shaped into hearts drizzled with chocolate if only to seek wholeness for their tomorrows.

Every word of advise or wisdom will be eagerly absorbed. Every time we speak our littles will bounce. And we’ll listen with ears a fire each time they’ll tell us their stories and sorrows, and secrets and sins while we sit around the table sharing conversation candy hearts, Oreos and tall glasses of milk. Love tanks filled.

I have a dream of a dream of a dream. If only it were so idyllic in my home as was yours. We live by the sweat of our brow and the mere food that we eat and the rationed rest granted each day. Thankless tasks go unnoticed. Hours of labor logged without pay and oh, all the food, consumed or in the bin along the way.

There’s a love deep down for our dear wee ones. A love that cannot be replaced. One that we wish not to erase. So loyal and steadfast, fighting and fieres, it saves sick lives, educates the innocent and protects the weak. We aren’t in Eden anymore so we make and create and appreciate all the happy moments along the way. We raise flags to celebrate our love for each other and what better day as Valentine’s to call us to remember this love that oft times becomes forgotten.

If your in the trenches this season, order Papa Johns, serve your kids a slice of heaven and have your hubby pick up ice cream and root beer and have dessert in the clouds. Together.

On the other hand, wake your kids up to eggs-in-a-heart (fried egg inside a heart shape cut out of toast) stash secret hand written love notes in their lunches and toss them an orange with a wink. “Orange you glad you’re mine?” Or write, ‘I’m bananas over you’ on their banana.

For supper serve heart shaped meatballs in a pillow of mashed potatoes, sweet tea and diced heart shaped carrots (see google images).

Time is the easy street to loving our kids well. Er, I mean, easy answer. Time it takes to do all the things we do. Its also time that grows sweet affection and precious memories of love. So after Valentine’s Day is through, don’t be surprised to hear your child whisper, I like you berry much! when they hug you good night. And then you’ll kiss their squishy cheeks, silently pray they won’t know a day without God’s love and that they’re dreams will be filled with happily ever afters.