What I do & Where I go for alone time in Waco


Alone time is a coveted, precious commodity; An introvert’s dream, and even an overworked extroverted mama’s necessity. Any time I get to be alone, I hope I am using it to the best of it’s potential. Usually, a long nap is in order, or resting alone at the house. However, my favorite alone time is getting to gallivant around our city & enjoy places that are just too challenging to tow my kids to.

Every mama is different on what they prefer to do for their alone time, but if you want a day on the town enjoying what Waco has to offer, I’m going to take you into a perfect day of alone time for this mama.

Reflection, processing, & journaling time- I start my alone time by tuning in to what’s really going on in my heart, journal my thoughts, and read my Bible. I love to do this over a special coffee and in a charming coffee shop. These are my favorite spots for this time:

  • Pinewood Roasters
  • Fabled Bookshop & Café
  • Common Grounds Woodway

Get pampered- Even if it’s something small like getting my eyebrows waxed, I love to do something that makes me feel pampered & taken care of. Manicures, facial, massage, something is better than nothing. My go-to place is Pura Vida salon, where walk-ins are welcome & day-of massages are discounted!

Lunch with a friend- Okay, so maybe this isn’t alone time, so feel free to eat alone if that’s more your jam. However, if another mama is free as well, getting to eat without a toddler interrupting is a luxury. Some favorite local lunch spots are:

  • Franklin Ave. Mac House
  • Revival Eastside Eatery
  • Lula Jane’s

Go somewhere local- I like to scope out local shops, sometimes to shop or to keep up with all the exciting new businesses here in Waco! Some of my favorites recently are:

  • Adorn Boutique
  • Spice Village
  • January Letterpress

Work on my non-mom dreams- Call me weird, but I love to work when I have kid-free time. Maybe that isn’t your jam & that’s okay, but I will usually use some time to dream and work on fun projects for my small business. I like to do this at the coffee shops listed above, but I also like to drop in at places like:

  • WacoWork
  • Hustle Co-Working
  • Baylor campus

Would your day of alone time be similar to mine? What do you like to do for some kid-free time in Waco?