Why You Should Do Business With Lauren Smith : State Farm


Why should you do business with Lauren Smith State Farm?

  •   We have 24/7 access even when the office is closed- You can ALWAYS reach someone.
  •   As a female small business owner, I understand the challenges women face with time therefore I am   
      willing to work past 5:00 to work with your schedule!
  •  Personalized service- We pride ourselves in tailoring your insurance to fit YOUR needs, not a cookie cutter 
      policy. Insurance is NOT one size fits all. 
  •  I will not disappear after we bring you in to our State Farm family- This means, we’ll keep in contact with you at least once a year to make sure    your insurance still fits the needs for your family.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance:

  1.  We can write business all over the state of Texas. I very easily correspond via email, text, phone to find a 
      policy that fits your needs/desires. You can sign your application via email!
  2.  State Farm has 8 million lives insured and are ranked #1 by J.D. Power in Customer Satisfaction and we 
      have held that ranking for 5 years now (https://www.jdpower.com/business/press-releases/2018-us-life-insurance-study)
  3.  State Farm is financially strong. We have been a company for 97 years now and have no plans on stopping 
     any time soon. You do not want your life insurance plan to be with a company that will be bought out
     several times- meaning your family may not be able to find your policy.
  4.  Life insurance is cheaper than you may think! For example- a healthy 24 year old female can get a $150,000 
     policy for as little as $20.45/month. Most people overestimate the price of life insurance! It never hurts to  
     get a quote to see what YOUR price is. 
  5.  We can insure your whole family, including your children. It’s a good idea to have your life insurance all at 
     one place so it can easily be reviewed, adjusted and claimed all with one person (me!). There is no room  
     for error when this happens. 
  6.  Life insurance at work is great, but most people do not stay at their jobs from now until retirement. You 
     want control over your own policy. Many times I’ve seen situations where a person is sick/terminally ill, are 
     terminated and, in turn, lose their life coverage and die without it. Please let me help you not be in this 

I would love for you to give me a call at 254-780-3276 to discuss this in a bit more depth. I am very passionate about what I do and want to help your family in a time of need that no one wants to think about. Let’s have the conversation once, and put a plan in place so we never had to worry about it again. You can contact me via text or phone at 254-780-3276 or email at lauren.smith.e3xn@statefarm.com