Since it’s 2020, and most of us will be spending New Years Eve at home with our families instead of at a big New Years bash, you may need some ideas on how to make the evening a more kid-friendly event.  Here are a few ideas on how to liven it up for the kiddos.


  1. Have your kids create and design their own New Years party hat. They can make it from scratch or use this template.

2. Have lots of snack options laid out for kids to choose from to make their own New Years snack mix to eat during a family movie.

3. Can buy noise-makers or make shakers out of paper plates, dried beans or beads and staple them together. Let the kids decorate them by coloring or putting stickers on them.

4. Make confetti poppers from toilet paper rolls to pop at a set time.

Confetti Popper Toilet Paper Tubes


5. Play New Years BINGO with the family and the winner gets to pick the movie you watch for movie night.

6. Netflix and Youtube have a new years count each year that you can play at any time and pretend its midnight so the kids don’t miss out on the countdown fun.

7. You could celebrate at noon for a ‘Noon” Years celebration.

8. Camp out in the living room by the Christmas tree as a family in sleeping bags.

9. Create a time capsule with art that the kids have made throughout the year or over holiday break.  Have the kids make a list of their top 3 memories from the year. Then open it next year and reflect on the memories from the last year and continue the tradition each year.

10. Have a dance party. Break out your favorite jams and dance in the New Year.

11. Toast the new year with cookies and milk or hot cocoa.

12. Have a hot cocoa bar with a variety of yummy treats to go into the perfect hot cocoa.

13. Make a family bucket list for the next year. Display on the fridge and check it off as you accomplish it through the year.

14. Make a balloon clock, labeling each balloon with a time.  Have kids take turns popping balloons on the hour.

15. Create fun mocktails for the kids to sip on with celebrating.


Happy New Year!