What COVID-19 has changed for the better

I think we can all agree that COVID-19 has changed so many aspects of our daily life. From masks in public to the possibility of no fall sports or even not seeing your elderly...

We need to stop judging other moms

We need to stop judging other moms. Why is this still happening in today's society? Long before we have children, we have standards and expectations for them and their behavior. We KNOW that our...

Add to Cart: Hot Summer Finds for the Entire Family

Looking for fun and hot summer finds? From summer treats to pool fun- check out these must have recommendations for a local mom! Summer Fun for the Family Stay cool and wet this summer on your...

My outside-the-box kid and crisis schooling

If you are like me, you did not see this crazy quarantine coming.  The last place I thought I would be is at home teaching my children, unable to leave the house, unable to...

What Moms Really Need

What do moms really need? You mean besides a vacation?  Maybe on the beach with a fruity drink with an umbrella. We all know that probably isn’t happening.  The average full-time job in the United...

What Advocating For Your Child Really Looks Like

In the past, advocating is a word I didn’t hear used very often.  That is, until I became a parent.  I know my parents did lots of advocating for me when I was younger. ...

Fall and Halloween Activities Around Waco

Although it certainly doesn’t feel like fall in the Waco area, the Halloween and fall festival events are coming up before the first leaves have fallen from the trees. Here is what’s going on...

A new way of thinking-the zipper merge

If you have left your house in the last several months, you know that Waco is a giant construction zone lined with orange barrels. Just taking my kids to and from school has become...

The Best Sunscreen For Your Tribe This Summer

Whether you’re taking your kiddos to the pool, waterpark, or just an old-fashioned slip-n-slide, you have to go through the battle of slathering your child with sunscreen. We all know we have about 3.2...

Why is Modern Day Mothering So Hard?

Our baby boomer parents might look at the title of this and scoff. Thinking we have no idea how good we have it. We have iPad, cell phones, computers, the internet, social media and...