After all the craziness of 2020, most people are really looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Being with family, enjoying holiday traditions and devouring all the delicious food that the holidays bring all sounds amazing. Maybe you have had enough stress this year and want to avoid cooking this Thanksgiving, but still want to have all the amazing holiday dishes? There are many restaurants in Waco that will prepare a Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins for your family without you having to step foot in the kitchen.

Here is a list of some of the restaurants serving a to-go Thanksgiving menu:

The Olive Branch

They will have a full meal for $20 per person with a 2 person minimum.  You have until the 23rd to order.  Please call 254-757-0885 to order.


Dickeys Barbeque Pit

They will have a complete feast for $112 that serves 10-12 people or a dinner feast that serves 8-10.  They will also have a dinner box for 1 for $10 each.  Order online at or call 254-751-1232.


La Madeleine

They will have a hot dinner or heat and serve option available. Family meals for 8-10 for $120 or a larger group of up to 20 for $240. They will also have meals for 4 people but the price will vary depending on what items you select. Order online at to pick up in store.


Café Homestead

They will have complete meals to go.  Cost is $199 for up to 12 people and $224 for 12 including cajun fried turkey. Smaller quantities available upon request. Call 254-754-9604 to order. Order by 11/21 at 6pm.



They will have a family dinner pack available that serves 4 for $70 or a single plate for $20. You have until 11/24 to order.  Order online at



They will have individual meals for $12 per person or a family meal for $120. You have until 11/23 at 5pm to place your order. Call Georges at 254-753-1421 or Georges 2 at 254-420-2060 to order.


Cracker Barrel

Here you choose your size of meal whether you’re serving 4-6 or up to 10 people.  They also have 4 different pies to choose from. You order online at and if you order early you can get a $10 gift card to use at another time.


Secret Chef

They have a full selection of meats and sides to choose from.  As well as lots of dessert options. You can choose each item to make your meal exactly what you want.  Call 254-772-2433 to order.



They will have smoked turkeys and hams for pickup.  Call to order 254-750-9995.


Brown House Café

They have two different options based on how many you need to feed. There is a $60 meal to feed up to 4 people and a $110 meal that feeds up to 10 people. Desserts are available to order and pies range from $25-$32. Orders need to be placed by November 19.  Order by phone at 254- 235-1251.


John Lillies Steakhouse

They will be offering items a la carte and have several meat choices to choose from as well as 6 sides to chose from.  Sides are family style and serve 12-15 people.  They also have a turkey leg dinner for $12.99 that serves one. Call 254-732-2877 to order.  Orders need to be placed by November 21.


Hometown Bakery

They have cajun fried turkeys and hams as well as several side options in different sizes depending on how many you are feeding.  They will also have individual meals for $15 per person as well as individual desserts for $5 or whole pies ranging from $12-$22. You can order by phone at 254-749-4904 or by email at


Helberg Barbecue

They don’t have any meal options, but all the wonderful bbq meats you’re used to at Helberg.  They also have sides and pecan as well as pumpkin pie.  Order online at


Guess Family BBQ

They have whole turkey and whole brisket options as well as ham, sausage and ribs. They have several side and dessert options. Order online by 11/19 at


Happy Thanksgiving!