I think we can all agree that COVID-19 has changed so many aspects of our daily life. From masks in public to the possibility of no fall sports or even not seeing your elderly grandparents because the risk is too great.  We have all had to adjust to a new normal, at least for now.  Although there are many things we wish could go back to normal, there are also many things this virus has changed for the better.


  1. Family time

We were forced to stay at home and spend more quality time with our families minus all the hustle and bustle of summer/fall activities.  We learned how to just be at home.  We all got creative and learned to bake, make chalk mosaics, craft and ride bikes without training wheels. We all took our pets on more walks and put together endless puzzles.  This was a time for us to grow closer as families and enjoy one another. For those us unable to see loved ones, it makes us value those relationships that much more.


  1. Take-out/Curbside

Every restaurant is offering curbside or take-out.  For moms this is a game-changer.  More options for meals when we don’t feel like cooking, but don’t feel comfortable eating inside a restaurant.  There are endless options now for us to choose from. And not only for food, but most stores are making it an option as well.  There’s nothing better than doing quick order pickup from Target or places like Home Depot when you don’t want to haul everyone inside for something like air filters.


  1. Virtual Dr. visits

All the moms are singing Hallelujah.  Nobody wants to bring their child for a well-child check and in turn end up catching something from the waiting room.  Obviously, some appointments need to be in person, but the option of not having to go wait in a room of sick people is amazing.


  1. Outdoor seating

I know we live in Texas and the window for comfortable outdoor dining is small, but I love having the option of getting out of the house and eating out with less risk.


  1. Drive-up Meet the teacher

Some might argue with me, but I personally loved this change.  Meet the teacher is usually so hurried and crowded.  Trying to see all your children’s teachers in a short time and at least introduce yourself is hard.  This way you got to wait in your car in the AC and wait for your turn to talk to your teacher.  Your child was somewhere they feel comfortable and could open up more. I felt like teachers had more time with the kids in the drive thru than they do in the classroom setting.


  1. Social Distancing-6 ft away

I don’t like crowds and I need my personal space, so this was a welcomed change for me. People are more aware of others bubbles and are willing to give each other the room they need to feel comfortable.


  1. Online church

Although many churches offered live-stream services prior to COVID, this forced many others to go online for a new kind of worship.  This made services more available to everyone and you could enjoy service from your couch.


I know COVID-19 has changed our lives and so many things are new and different, but lets take the time to remember how many positive changes have come from this virus and slow down and enjoy family time a bit more now.