Dear 2021,

First off, nice to meet you. I thought you would never get here.  Let’s just say, that last year was a sad excuse for life.  What was supposed to be 12 months, felt like 587 days of the Twilight Zone.  From the start of COVID-19, the endless hoarding of toilet paper, murder hornets and the binging of Tiger King, to racial protests and a political race that we will remember forever. 2020 was just a dumpster fire we don’t want repeated.

After living through all, I am not saying we have super high expectations, but we do have expectations.  I don’t think we can handle another year where our kids come home for spring break and never return. Don’t get me wrong, we learned what we were made of after teaching our children from home.  And for many, it wasn’t pretty, but we made it.  But here is the bottle line, we cannot take any more isolation and unrest.

We would love to end this year mask-less and Covid-free.  We want to go to the movies, sporting events and concerts and feel normal again. We want to be able to be around our parents and grandparents without risk of infecting them. We want people to get along, no matter the political party or race.  We need these things if we are to learn from this miserable mess of a year.

So, here is the thing 2021, if there is a supervisor you could report these requests to, it would be greatly appreciated.


Exhausted mothers everywhere