Dear women who believe in the power of love and kindness,

I know the world gets so discouraging.  I know that it’s hard when you are a LOVER and want to just LOVE but the world makes it hard to do that.  I know that the division within our communities and our country makes you want to crawl under a rock.  I know that the anxiety with the constant fighting of every single side gets exhausting.

You know what I also know?  That you’re doing a really good freaking job.  That even when the world wants to cause divisiveness you’re looking for ways to bring unity within your circles.  That you’re trying to teach your kids to be strong but also be kind.  To stand up for what’s right but not have to take someone down while they are doing it.  That while the whole world is screaming at you about how to do things; that you’re holding close to your truth.

You’re not alone in what seems like a social loneliness, I promise.  It’s okay to love Jesus and also have the world make you feel like the way you love unconditionally is too radical.  Loving people doesn’t mean you’re loving their sin, it simply means, that you’re loving people the way we are supposed to.  Kindness matters.  That will never cease.

Keep fighting for love mama.  I am shouting for love with you and I am fighting with you.  Love is worthy.  You are worthy.  It’s okay to have to wipe the tears when the world seems to be stealing your light, as long as you remember that your light can’t be dimmed.

Don’t stop being who you are.  Even if it gets lonely, keep loving like Jesus.  It’s so special.


The girl who loves when the world tells her not to.