Why Christmas 2020 Might Be the Best Yet? Whether you are a Christ follower, or maybe you just believe in the spirit and magic of Christmas, this year the holidays couldn’t get here fast enough. Especially Christmas. For the past nine months our lives have looked very different than what we are used to. Masks, toilet paper and food shortages, lockdowns, virtual schooling, quarantines, restrictions on youth, college and professional sports and so much more have hit us all hard. COVID 19 has really changed most every aspect of our lives. Even if you have been one of the lucky ones to stay well, your life has most likely looked very different.

I think because all of that, we are longing for something. Longing for something magical to take us all out of this strange reality that we have been living in for what seems like forever. We need the magic and happiness of Christmas. Even as adults, we feel something special this time of year and this year we just couldn’t wait for the Christmas holidays to arrive.

I think this year will be the best Christmas we have ever had for a couple reasons:

1. Most people have begun decorating and started celebrating even before Thanksgiving this year. People just couldn’t wait and started putting lights and trees up long before the Turkey and stuffing. Some as soon as they got the jack-o-lanterns off their porches.
2. This Christmas is stripped down to the basics, and we are all appreciating what we have a bit more this year. Maybe you lost a loved one throughout this COVID season, or you just miss all the activities you would normally be doing this time of year. Either way, we have had a glimpse into our lives without all the “things” and know what we really need versus what is just a bonus.
3. Even though we may not be able to get together with our extended family throughout the country, we have taken the travel stress and fuss out of the equations. Maybe your family was looking for a way to simplify things for years. The endless travel to multiple homes, cities or states to celebrate, may not be possible this year. Although missing our loved ones is hard, maybe we concentrate on relationships with those closest to us. We spend more time with our immediate family and make new traditions within our homes.
4. And lastly, we can appreciate being healthy, something most of us have taken for granted up until now.

So even though this Christmas may not look exactly like what we are used to, it’s going to be a magical time with those that we love.