Recently, our 9 month old was diagnosed with Covid and my husband followed closely behind.  Within a span of 3 weeks, Premier ER & Urgent Care had seen the upper regions of the nostrils of about 50% of our family.

At Premier, it’s as easy as 1,2,3! Get your Flu A, B, and Covid-19 Testing with ONE SWAB! While getting tested is the last thing on your to do list this season, we love that Premier has made this process stress free. Find out more HERE.

Here are 5 reasons we love them:

  1. Wait time: Each time we went in to get tested, our wait time was within the hour, and mostly in 30 minutes or less.  Their office staff is quick and efficient and the nurses were super fast too.  They got right down to the testing and got us in and out as fast as possible.  No waiting rooms for hours, and less exposure to other people who could be sick.  They also offered rapid testing, which can be hard to find, so we got our results back in less than 20 minutes.
  2. Nurses: Speaking of the nurses, they were all phenomenal.  They had compassion and care even when they had to perform a test that is less than pleasant for all involved.  Even when they had to test our little guy, they were thorough but gentle and did their best to make an uncomfortable situation as seamless as possible.
  3. Physicians: To back up the awesome team of nurses we had, we were able to interact with a group of compassionate and caring physicians.  Nobody wants to be told they have Covid (or anything else for that matter), and hearing that your baby is positive is even scarier, but they gave us well-rounded information and advice after a quick but thorough physical exam and assured us that they were there for any needs that might arise during the course of the virus. We were lucky enough to not need them again and all the members of our family who tested positive had a relatively uneventful course of illness,  but we would not have hesitated to call Premier with more questions.
  4. Patient Advocates: As a nurse myself, I know what a pain it is to deal with insurance billing and claims.  At Premier, the patient advocates are available to help with billing questions and do their best to work out any questions or issues with claims.  After being sick, nobody wants to deal with incorrect bills and insurance issues, so it’s nice to know that the Patient Advocates are there to back you up.
  5. Close to Home: We live in Lorena, so the Woodway Premier location is closest to us and was the easiest place we could seek care.  However, there are multiple other options for those who live in other areas of Central Texas.  It’s so nice to have an option for care that’s so close to home and simple to get in and out efficiently.

All-in-all, Premier made a situation that was less than ideal a smooth and efficient process.  We won’t hesitate to go back for other care needs and are grateful for the exceptional medical care they have brought to our community.