Camp Gladiator is an outdoor and virtual group fitness program owned by local certified personal trainers in and around Waco. Check out why CG is the place to be if you’re looking for a new fitness routine! 

  1. You can bring your kids! All workouts are kid and pet friendly. Have you ever had to miss a workout class or leave early because mom life is hard? All Camp Gladiator workouts we are here to support you staying healthy! We love kids at camp!
  2. Exercising outdoors makes you HAPPY! Working out outdoors can serve as a natural anti-deppressant and provides mental relief. You are more likely to challenge yourself and to stick with it. So let’s take it outside! 
  3. The workouts are for all fitness levels. Worried about being a beginner? Have an injury? Every CG Trainer is a certified personal trainer that can help you with any modifications.
  4. There’s tons of options. You can attend any and all locations any time. Running late or missed your alarm? No sweat. Check the CG app and head to a workout later in the day without having to cancel, reschedule or confirm. Just show up at any of our 20+ area locations ready to sweat! 
  5.  The workouts are right in your pocket! Camp Gladiator has tons of virtual live workouts to choose from too. Traveling? Busy day? Jump into one of our 4,000 virtual live workouts with a click of a button! 
  6.  All of our trainers are Camp Gladiator local business owners. When you walk up to a CG location, you can know that you are supporting a local mom and business owner and your dollars are making a local impact on these local businesses! 
  7. Our mission is UNITY in community. At CG, we’re more than a workout, we are a fitness community. After the year our community has been through, our mission is to impact lives through bringing our community together through fitness. We will give you the best workout program and our trainers truly love all of our campers and CG community. We are here to support you! 

We want to give all of our Waco moms the chance to try Camp Gladiator and see what it’s all about! Click here to learn more about times and locations or check out Facebook page!