Buckle Up with TxDOT {Save Me With A Seat}


This post was created in partnership with TxDOT. However, all opinions are my own.

When you become pregnant, you begin reading all of the books, signing up for classes, and preparing your home and car for your little bundle. As you know, a child car seat is one of the most important purchases you will ever make. It is also vital that you make sure every child car seat is installed correctly.

How do you know if your seat is installed correctly though?

You can visit SaveMeWithASeat.org to find out where you can get your child’s car seat inspected for proper installation. Car seat inspections usually take 20 to 30 minutes and are just the thing to assure that you’re doing everything possible to protect your child in a moving vehicle.

Don’t be embarrassed, mama! You’ll learn how to best secure a child car seat for the type of vehicle you drive, the ideal car seat for your child’s age and size, and about safety in and around your vehicle.

As moms, we are always on the go. We are buckling up our kiddos multiple times a day for appointments, practice, school, and everything in between.

Why would you not want the peace of mind that all child car seats in your car are installed correctly?

TxDOT offers free child car seat inspections year-round at its district offices throughout the state. When you visit SaveMeWithASeat.org, enter your ZIP code to find the nearest location and provide information to schedule an inspection.

Thank you, TxDOT for making this resource super convenient for any parent, grandparent, and/or caretaker. You can also search the hashtag {#SaveMeWithASeat} on social platforms to find out more information!


Photography: 7Sisters Photography