A Healthy Summer Treat: Cottage Cheese Ice Cream



I know what you’re thinking … cottage cheese ice cream?! I can hear your thoughts, “Umm, gross!”, “NO, thank you!”, and “That’s not ice cream!”, etc. I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first too. Ice cream is my favorite treat and if Blue Bell is on the table, you’ll find me nose deep! But, my oldest has a pretty big sweet tooth and I’ve wanted to find alternatives that still provide the sweetness she feels her body needs. Is it Blue Bell? Not even close but it’s worth a try. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of this recipe. So, if you’re up for it, I think you’ll be satisfied with this summertime healthy treat!

I can’t take credit for creating this recipe but thanks to Eating Bird Food, I was able to create a few flavors to try. This recipe has apparently gone viral on Tis Tok, so it definitely is worth considering! There are only 4 simple ingredients needed, plus a blender or a food processor. I could barely believe how simple it was! My oldest daughter and I made two different kinds: peanut butter Nutella and chocolate chip.



  • 2 cups of full fat cottage cheese
  • 1/4 cup of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
  • 2 tablespoons of Nutella


  • 2 tablespoons of chocolate chips to replace the Nutella

** Add all ingredients, except chocolate chips, into your blender or food processor. Combine for a few minutes – or until it reaches a smooth consistency. Stir/fold in chocolate chips, if desired. In lieu of peanut butter or chocolate, you can sub in a fruit of your choice or cinnamon to easily change up the flavor a bit! Once you’re done, place in a sealed container and put into the freezer for 4-6 hours. Each batch should stay fresh in your freezer for approximately 1 week. **

I hope you enjoy this different, healthy treat this summertime! If you can’t bring yourself to try it out just yet, take a look at this post for some local Waco spots where you can find a frozen treat to help beat the heat. Be sure to tag us, @wacomoms, in your adventures of creating new flavors or checking out spots around town!

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