Frozen Treats in Waco to Beat the Heat


Hey Waco! Hot enough out there for you yet? When I think of hot weather, my mouth starts watering for something cold. Treat yourself (and the kiddos if you like) to some frozen treats by following our Waco Frozen Treats tour. Visit one of these places every couple weeks this summer and make it an outing for the whole family!

Rolled Ice Cream: J-Petal & Poke 

This is our family’s new favorite lunch/dinner/ice cream spot in Waco. A local family owns this new restaurant on University Parks Drive. They pour their hearts into this place and know us by name. We recommend going there for the Poke (like build your own sushi in a bowl) and sticking around for the Thai Rolled Ice Cream.  

They have some already made up combos to choose from or you can build your own. Decisions are hard and the Cookies n’ Cream rolled ice cream didn’t disappoint! Everything is made on the fly here, so you know it’s fresh, and the coolest part is watching them infuse and roll your treat right before your eyes. The whole family will love this place!

Really Cold Ice Cream: Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

That’s right – really cold. Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is another new spot in Waco on University Parks Drive. It’s unique because rather than make the ice cream and freeze it over 3-4 hours, they instantly freeze it as they’re preparing it with -321-degree liquid nitrogen. This is another cool experience the whole family will enjoy together.

I tried the Banana Cream which is Banana and Marshmallow Ice Cream infused with graham crackers and cheesecake bites with fudge topping, whipped cream, and a waffle cone – a perfect light-tasting summer treat!

Ice Cream on Wheels: Pokey O’s Waco

Why not put cookies and ice cream together and call it a sandwich? That’s exactly what Pokey O’s does with their selections of flavors and cookies. We have visited the Pokey O’s truck multiple times as family and have tried everything. All of it is good. You can’t go wrong here. Follow @pokeyoswaco on Instagram to find the truck or visit their newer brick and mortar spot in the Hilton Waco.

Frozen Custard: Katie’s Frozen Custard

Let me be really honest with you: we keep Katie’s in business during the summer. Katie’s is a truly locally owned family business and they really take pride in their service. Frozen custard is creamier, richer, and denser than regular ice cream and Katie’s makes theirs fresh EVERY HOUR! Even better – anything on the menu can be made “LoCarb” if you want less sugar for the kiddos – or yourself. They also have yummy hotdogs, hamburgers, and sandwiches and shaded tables to enjoy your treats as a family.

Popsicles: Steel City Pops

Honest confession #2: I don’t really like popsicles. The potential for perpetual stickiness gets me. However – Steel City Pops has changed my mind. Their all-natural, gluten-free approach has me on board. I recently tried the Blueberry Basil flavor and it was unlike anything I’ve ever had before. They have simpler flavors for younger, less developed palates so there’s something for everyone! Steel City Pops in Waco is across I-35 from Baylor in what students refer to as “the grease pit.” No grease here though!

Just Good Ole, Locally Made Ice Cream: Heritage Creamery

Heritage Creamery is owned by Blake & Kimberly Batson who also own Common Grounds and other local Waco staples. I say that first because these folks truly love this community. They have invested their hearts, minds, and capital in Waco – and let me tell you Waco is better because of these two. They also source local, all-natural ingredients so you can feel good about your treat! 

Their brick and mortar place is located right next to Common Grounds close to the Baylor campus. Grab some locally made ice cream and take a 5-minute walk over to Baylor’s Bear Habitat near the bookstore. Say hi to Joy and Lady while you enjoy your fresh ice cream from this incredible Waco staple.

What are your favorite frozen treats in Waco? What will you try as a family this summer to beat the heat?