Build It And They Will Come | Magnolia Silos


The silos are growing! Plans for renovations will improve and enlarge Magnolia Market at the Silos, making a village that only Disney himself could outdo.

I once wrote about Joanna that I wondered if she was raised by Walt Disney because she is all about the details. Every single detail at the silos is pretty spectacular. And it is only getting better.

Should the silos now be called JoJoland? Chipworld? Gainesplace?

Her vision seems to be that of a town square, which Waco does not truly own. Think village, think gathering place. Community.

We all know they love family-friendly, and this add-on will be just that–full of new spaces to make memories with your family or friends.

And, I don’t think Waco needs to worry about the growth of the city coming to a halt anytime soon just because Fixer-Upper is no longer in production. I believe this proves those who thought that WRONG!

I do have faith in in the Gaines and all they have accomplished for Wacotown. I also think if they build it—they will come. And by they-I mean more new businesses to Waco—shops, restaurants, bars, more to see and do in Waco, in the downtown area surrounding in the 4.9-acre silo site. Waco is not finished growing and evolving!

It takes a village.

There are plans for lots of new shops and spaces to play and wait, sit and ponder, added to the two-block area owned by the Waco couple.

The $10.4 million in renovations and additions, scheduled before the end of the year, will most likely add to the estimated 30,000 visitors per week. Waco might get wacko with more traffic, but we need to remember all the good we will receive. The benefits will be worth the traffic.

The Gaines are all about family, and the additions will be focused just on that-family.

To make the silos more fun for the children who tag alongside shopping moms, the Gaines’ are adding a splash pad for cooling off during the summer. We all know the busiest time of the year at Magnolia happens to be the hottest in Texas.

There will be several new play areas, including a large area with more of the now-famous silo turf.

Also, the plans will include shaded landscaping such as Wisteria-covered walkways and covered patios, to help with the Texas heat.

Brick walkways and grey stone-paved walkways, with the turf in between, will unite the old with the new, making the village cohesive throughout.

In the spirit of ‘build it, they will come’ Chip probably dreamed up the whiffle ball field, honoring Katy Park, Waco’s minor league baseball field of yesteryear. Legendary ballplayer Babe Ruth played where the silo’s parking lot is located now. The park closed in the 1960s, but will once again be a large crowd-draw when the Gaineses rebuild it for the children of today.

For the colder months, the new addition will house an outdoor fireplace to warm yourself.

But, will they move the castle, too?

Probably not, but they are moving structures. Another beautiful addition to the silos will be a historic white church, built in 1894. The Gaines’ plan on relocating the Waco structure to the new village. I can only imagine how beautiful the church will look once restored by Joanna’s loving hands.

The silos are growing, and this is a good thing. Waco is only going to get better and more significant. Embrace it Wacotown, embrace the crazy!

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