Hi, I'm Dedra!! I am a late-in-life writer, tying to fulfill a life-long dream, emerging myself into the kidlit world. I am writing, editing, and querying while learning patience and failing forward. I hope to be a published children's book author. I graduated with a degree in Journalism from the UTA in 1988, but because of raising three beautiful children and life in general, I started writing professionally in 2014. My husband of 32 years and I raised our children in China Spring, right outside of Waco. Even though my children are all in their twenties, all out of college and all have careers (yay!!!), I am still a mother in their daily life. Mothering, loving, worrying, and praying never stop—no matter how old they are. My children are the best thing I (along with my husband and God) have created. Even though they are adults—they are my life. I am proud to be a late-in-life writer--journalist, freelancer, blogger, and magazine contributor. My work includes online and print magazines, including Modern Texas Living, Unread Magazine, Culture Trip, Everything Home Magazine, The Groove, The Outfitter, Victoria Lee Magazine, and Holl and Lane Magazine and Taylor Magazine. My (other) absolute favorite thing to write about is our ever-growing and evolving, small-urban town, Waco. I am thrilled to be part of Waco Moms and thrilled to be able to write about motherhood and Waco! I also write about life around me in the hopes to enlighten, entertain, and make people think. If I make them smile, that's a bonus! You can read my blog at

COVID has reminded us that time apart is wasted precious time

During this six-month COVID abyss, families are either closed-in together or closed-off from each other. I’m not sure which is better, or worse, but we can all agree, it is not our normal. I have...

25 Things To See And Do In Waco : Food, Explore & More

Waco has many different things to see and do. And, many places to shop, eat and drink. Here is a list of over 25 ways to entertain yourself in Waco. Waco is a lovely place...
Summer picture books

Summer Reading: Children’s Picture Books for Ages 4-8

Picture books are magical, artful— and dreamful. Children’s literature is an essential piece of writing, and often a child’s first look into poetry and art. Picture books teach, inspire, and cause giggles. And giggles...

My Mother Taught Me

Thinking of my mother while I am writing this mid-quarantine, and all the emotions of yesteryear come flooding in my mind. Memories of my mother make me smile and make me miss her more. I...

Read On: Books for Ages 6-12

Before I was a writer, I was a reader. Reading is a beautiful way to escape. As adults, we need to escape from our lives, our worries, and our stress. Kids need this, too. Encouraging...

Buy Yourself Flowers :: Put Yourself First

As mothers and women, we often put ourselves last. Start putting yourself first on your grocery list. Buy yourself flowers weekly. We eat last, we go to bed last, and we are the last to...

Drawing Families Together–Waco Cultural Arts Festival

A festival within a festival, Waco Cultural Arts Fest will be held October 4-6, and promises to be another fun-filled, family-friendly event. What is the Waco Cultural Arts Fest? The Arts Fest is face painting, wood...

September Is Our Second January

September is our second January. It’s the perfect time to make resolutions to get us through to the end of the year. It's the perfect time to begin again. Resolutions, to get us through to...

Build It And They Will Come | Magnolia Silos

The silos are growing! Plans for renovations will improve and enlarge Magnolia Market at the Silos, making a village that only Disney himself could outdo. I once wrote about Joanna that I wondered if she...

Old Bethany Weddings and Events

Gather your nearest and dearest, and head south of Waco just a bit, to Old Bethany Weddings and Events, for your chosen day with your chosen one. Or for a photo shoot, a party, meeting,...