Donating to Waco Charities on Giving Tuesday


This November, consider donating to a local Waco charity on Giving Tuesday to teach your children generosity and kindness.

Every act of generosity counts, and you can contribute something toward building a kinder, better Waco by giving something, anything, of what you have to others who need your help.

You can involve your children by holding a family meeting and discussing your top Waco charities. Then take a family vote on which charity (or charities) you will give to on Giving Tuesday as a family. This teaches giving and is even a lesson in voting.

Or provide your children a set amount (or they could use their piggy bank), and they can donate to a Waco charity individually. Teaching your children to give their time and money is essential to growing up as a kinder generous adults.

And what better way to teach them generosity than watching you give generously and being a bighearted adult?

Children see. Children do!

Make Giving Tuesday a new holiday tradition for your family.

Giving Tuesday History

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of deep-rooted generosity. Giving Tuesday started in 2012 as a simple idea: a day encouraging people to do good.

Since the movement began, it has grown into a year-round global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity, per Giving Tuesday’s website.

When is Giving Tuesday?

Although you could make every Tuesday a Giving Tuesday, the annual celebration takes place this year on Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

“No one has ever become poor from giving.” -Anne Frank

Give of Yourself

Here are some ideas for giving other than monetarily:

  • Give your smile.
  • Help a neighbor or stranger.
  • Volunteer at your favorite charity.
  • Give your time to an issue.

Giving from the heart, in words, thoughts, prayers, or precious gifts, makes both hearts happy. The giver and the receiver. -Dedra Davis

My Top Five Waco Charities

Waco is a great city, and we have numerous local charities. Of course, there are many fantastic national charities, as well. I have my favorites, but I prefer to give locally for Giving Tuesday.

Give back to Waco! I had a hard time narrowing it down but here below I have shared my top five!

Imagination Library of Waco

The Imagination Library of Waco was started in 2020. The mission is to ensure that all children in Waco grow up surrounded by books.

It’s that simple.

Imagination Library of Waco is the local affiliate of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. As the local affiliate, we are responsible for enrolling children and funding the program. Imagination Library of Waco currently serves six zip codes in the heart of Waco, and through fundraising, we plan to one day expand to all of McLennan County.

Every month, the enrolled child receives an age-appropriate book in the mail—addressed to them. Books are 100% free! If enrolled as a newborn, the child will receive 60 books for their bookshelf by their fifth birthday.

Donating $25 provides 12 books for one child for one year. For more information, to donate, or to check availability, go to the Imagination Library of Waco.

(Full disclosure: I’m biased because I’m a board member of the Imagination Library of Waco, and I see firsthand how important it is to read to children!)

Meals on Wheels

I volunteered for Meals on Wheels through China Spring United Methodist Church for three years as a driver/delivery person and adored it. I fell in love with many of my clients. I highly recommend this charity. They provide hot meals and friendships to those who are homebound.

But I am the one who benefited. I gained so much from those I delivered meals, and I’ll cherish those days.

Besides a nutritious hot meal, Meals on Wheels provides regular social contact through the volunteers, helps maintain independence, and relieves caregivers who usually prepare meals.

You can help McLennan County seniors get off the long waiting list by donating. For more information, go to Meals on Wheels.

Waco Cultural Arts Fest

The Arts Fest is face painting, wood sculpture, claymation, mask making, easel art, and more! It is a festival within a festival. It is a Music Fest, a Dance Fest, a Science Fest, a Film Fest, and a Word Fest! All in one weekend!

There are fundraisers held throughout the year that benefit the Waco Cultural Arts Fest, including Wine, Divas, Dessert, an outrageously entertaining event featuring local musicians and performers produced by Daniel Hollingsworth at the Waco Civic Theatre.

Due to all the fundraising, grants, and generosity, all Waco Cultural Arts Fest activities are free. You can help, too!

The mission of the festival, since 2014, is “To celebrate and promote the community’s diverse artistic and cultural life; develop and enrich its cultural capacity; and champion the economic, social, and educational benefits of the arts in the Greater Waco area and beyond.”

For more information or to donate, go to Waco Cultural Arts Fest.

Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes’ mission is to empower children to make a difference in their communities through age-appropriate service projects. They engage youth volunteers of all ages in service, so Waco can raise a generation of community-minded leaders that understand the importance of giving back.

They offer group service projects, with other local non-profits, like volunteering at Heartis Assisted Living and playing Bingo with the residents. Children learn to give and see the impact of generosity.

They also offer home service projects for families to help needy neighbors, teaching empathy and patience. You can even request custom service projects.

When you give to Hometown Heroes, you are giving twice!

Sunshine Recovery House

Sunshine Recovery House’s mission is to support marginalized women of Central Texas while recovering from addiction.

They provide a second chance through transitional housing. They give hope to women, offer support, and provide a place to live while they start their sober living.

The Sunshine Recovery House offers recovery programs and transitional housing and makes a lasting impact on our community.

You can also “have your shake and eat it, too” by visiting Unshakeable Milkshakes at Union Hall. All proceeds go to Sunshine Recovery House.

Please volunteer or donate by going to Sunshine Recovery House.

Consider giving back to Waco this year by donating to a local charity on Giving Tuesday and teaching your children to be generous!

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