The Best Flowers for Texas Flowerbeds


Texas heat is harsh on everyone, including our Texas flowerbeds. Here are some plants that will be beautiful and survive our extreme summer heat.

I’m scared this year will be stifling, and I’m already dreading it. But if you plant your Texas flowerbeds smart, they will last all summer in our Texas heat and give you great pleasure.

The Best Flowers for Texas Flowerbeds

My backyard has both shade and full sun, but all the flowerbeds have shade because our backyard is lined with trees. Our front yard has enormous oak trees, so our front flowerbeds are entirely shaded. The only sunny spots are on our back patio and the lawn.

So, I am primarily a container gardener.

Every February, I declare to my husband I’m not going to plant as many flowers because come late July and August (even September!) I hate how hot it is. I dread spending more than an hour every morning watering my container gardens and areas where our sprinkler system doesn’t hit. Every summer morning I water my Texas flowerbeds and then I require a shower. This may be too much information, but I get so hot, I water braless because I sweat buckets! (told you—too much info!)

He always just shakes his head in disbelief. He’s heard it before.

The Best Flowers for Texas Flowerbeds

But here I am, every spring, buying way too many plants. After I pot my new beauties and baby my perennials, I sit back and smile as I enjoy my coffee or glass of wine in the evening. I love plants, and they make me happy. Until August. I lie to myself year after year as I plant more flowers. It’s a vicious cycle.

So, one huge thing to remember before you plan your Texas flowerbeds or container gardens—in Waco, just because a plant requires full sun, you need to have some shade or know you will be watering it—a lot. So, if I buy a full-sun plant or flower, I plant it in a container and place it in an area with shade at some part of the day.

Native plants

If you have full sun areas with no shade, native plants are your wisest choice. These plants will require less water and less maintenance and will have a better chance of surviving our harsh summers. And native plants attract butterflies and moths.

I like wiry, wispy, and leggy flowers. (not technical terms)

Full sun options

Texas Sage is an excellent choice because it is drought and heat tolerant. Plant Texas Sage in full sun to partial shade. (again, not much survives in full sun in the heat of the summer without a ton of water!)

Lantana is another favorite for full sun in Texas. Lantana has brightly colored flowers that grow in rounded clusters that attract butterflies. And it comes back every year! The blooms range from red to orange and yellow. Texas lantana requires low water and grows as tall as 6 feet high in full sun.

My other favorites

My other favorite flowers for sunny Texas flowerbeds or containers are daylilies, zinnia, Dahlias, cosmos, sunflowers, celosias, Pentas, periwinkles, portulaca, and other “ice” plant succulents, roses, Mexican sunflowers, Salvia coccinea, and varieties of daises.

Don’t forget your herb gardens and veggies! Also, citrus trees, in pots or in the ground, are fun for the family. And delicious, too!

I stick to a color scheme like purple, yellow and white. You don’t need to do this, but I think it looks good.

In the shade

I plant hostas, ferns, caladiums, impatiens, and creeping jenny in my shady spots in the front and back. (I must say this with a Forest Gump voice!) I go to my favorite nursery and occasionally big-box-handy store, and I buy what they have in their shade areas. Shade gardens are my favorites.

The Best Flowers for Texas Flowerbeds

Planting Texas flowerbeds will add to your enjoyment this summer and make your backyard more inviting for summer activities like backyard camping, games, or impromptu movie night.

I hope you plant, and I hope you plant smart. If you plant your Texas flowerbeds smart, they will last all summer in our Texas heat and give you great pleasure. (except when you’re watering and sweating in August and beyond!)

Happy planting!

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