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While going back to school for the 2nd week since summer vacation may be a struggle, these fun school themed picture books might help kid your kids ready to keep that momentum!

Swing by Fabled or your public library and pick up a few books or order them online at to ease your child into school mode.

Children of all ages get back-to-school jitters, but if you have a child starting school for the first time, reading picture books about school might help with the mix of excitement and apprehension before school starts. It’s a great conversation starter, too.

Here are some great picture books to help prepare your child for school.


WHAT DOES LITTLE CROCODILE SAY? is written by Eva Montanari, for ages 2-5, and published by Tundra Books.

What sounds does the Little Crocodile hear on the first day of preschool?
The alarm clock goes ring, ring
The car goes vroom, vroom

This sweet book is part of a series about a little crocodile’s first day of preschool, including lots of ups and downs, a meltdown, and lots of fun onomatopoeia, making it a fun read-aloud. Young children will laugh out loud and want to read this colorful, sound-filled book again and again.


HURRY, LITTLE TORTOISE, TIME FOR SCHOOL! is written by Carrie Finison, illustrated by Erin Kraan, and published by Random House.

Little Tortoise takes off–faster than
You can say LICKETY-SPLIT!
LICKETY-SPL–There she goes!

An adorable story about a tortoise who is excited about his first day of school but worried he would be the last one to arrive. All the fast creatures pass him, including a snail on a scooter! But when he finally arrives at school, his caring teacher reassures him.

You’ll fall in love with Little Tortoise through Carrie’s words, Erin’s block print-style illustrations, and his own determination. In addition, there’s lots of onomatopoeia, making it another fun read-aloud.


SCHOOL’S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL is written by Adam Rex, illustrated by Christian Robinson, for ages 3-7, and published by Roaring Brook Press.

Then they came, the children did, and there were more of them than the school could possibly have imagined.

This book has a twist! The school is nervous about the first day of school! Brilliant, right? What will the children do once they come? Will they like the school? Will they be nice to him?

From the perspective of the School, your children will learn it’s okay to be scared and will also teach kids that everyone has worries on the first day about many things.


YOUR FIRST DAY OF CIRCUS SCHOOL, written by Tara Lazar, illustrated by Mellissa Crowton, for ages 3-7, by Tundra Books.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages!

It’s the most amazing day on earth: the first day of school!

This is a funny back-to-school picture book about a different kind of school that will have your children tickled and giggled. Nerves will ease as they learn (by laughing) that with the help of family and new friends, they can make it to the top of the class and have fun at school.


THE BOOK OF RULES, written by Brian Gehrlein, illustrated by Tom Knight, for ages 3-6, and published by Macmillian.

Rule Number Two | Sit Straight Up

Sit up tall. Sit crisscross applesauce.

Applesaucier! Applesauciest! Nice!

Now, stay that way, and you won’t be Dennis-food.

A silly interactive picture book about following rules: and everyone knows school and rules go arm in arm. (Like monsters and giggling, I mean listening!)

Your children will be so busy giggling (and trying NOT to get eaten by Dennis) to notice that they are learning. This picture book’s interactive prompts and hilarious illustrations of Dennis will teach your children that rule-following can be fun. And it will help new school-goers get their silly-willies out before it’s time to focus and listen to directions at school. 


LOOK OUT, KINDERGARTEN, HERE I COME! is written by Nancy Carlson, for ages 3-6, and published by Puffin Books.

“Wake up, dear,” said Henry’s mom, “It’s the first day of kindergarten!”

Also part of a series, this school-readiness picture book prepares preschoolers for their first day of kindergarten as they follow Henry, the mouse, on his first day of school. Henry asks lots of questions and imagines what school might be like, and it reassures children who are about to enter kindergarten. Knowing that it’s okay to be scared is very reassuring to young readers, as well as seeing Henry have fun at school. This is also the last picture book given to five-year-olds enrolled in the Imagination Library of Waco, chosen by Dolly Parton, so you know it is a good one!

Back-to-school jitters grab everyone, but if your child is starting school for the first time, reading picture books about school might help with their excitement and apprehension before the big day. Reading charming picture books like these help with school readiness in so many ways and are a great way to reassure them and raise questions you can loving answer.

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