Hey everyone, we are the Berndsen family, owners of Ivy Kids of Waco! We couldn’t be more excited to serve the amazing community and the surrounding families of Waco. We feel so blessed to be building Ivy Kids of Waco, and to soon be part of your child’s everyday life! Let me tell you a little bit about ourselves and Ivy Kids.

My husband and I come from a strong educational background; both possessing a Master’s degree in Education. Combined, we have over 15 years of experience in the field of Education. My husband is currently the head baseball coach at West Independent School District and teaches US History. As for myself, I currently possess my Principal certification Jordan(PK-12) that I obtained through Region 12 in Waco, and I am also certified in ESL (English as a Second Language) and EC-6 (all subjects). I have taught various grades ranging from PK to 5th grade, and also have 2 years of experience in the educational technology realm. My love for children and teaching developed during my childhood, as I was able to watch my mom be an amazing educator for 37 years. Her passion for education and children has always been a huge part of who she was at her core and it was an honor to learn from her and follow in her footsteps. With that said, I am excited to share that my mom, Christy Horn, just retired from public education and will be joining Ivy Kids as our Curriculum Coordinator! I am confident that your children will be in the absolute best hands with her guidance.

The years between ages 6 weeks and Pre-K are the most critical years when it comes to a child’s development, and our desire is for Ivy Kids of Waco to be the strongest foundation for children and their future. One of the #1 goals at Ivy Kids is to make every child feel loved and to provide children with the skills they need to succeed at high levels by the time they reach Kindergarten. We are confident that our school will be a trusting and safe place, where parents KNOW their children are safe, loved, happy, and learning!

ivy kids

Ivy Kids of Waco will be the newest state-of-the-art learning center in the Waco area. Our multi-prep curriculum, designed by Harvard Education professor, Dr. Howard Gardner, is designed to help the overall growth of children by focusing on the 8 multiple intelligences. There will be many hands-on learning opportunities that will give children the skills they need to succeed at high levels. We believe that every child can learn!

As for our nutrition, we use Brain Bites. At Ivy Kids of Waco, we believe that you have to feed the brain of children in order for them to learn. We will provide nutritious, tasty meals and snacks for children that will also promote healthy eating habits at early ages.

Our security system is top-notch! We will have cameras in every classroom and throughout the building that parents will have access to. At Ivy Kids of Waco, we believe that safety is of utmost importance when it comes to the well-being of our children and families. 

Below is a list of why you should choose Ivy Kids of Waco for your child’s development:

  • Multiprep Curriculum (research-based by Harvard Education Professor, Dr. Howard Gardner)
  • Brain Bites nutritional program (healthy snacks and meals included in the tuition)
  • Top-notch security system (includes cameras in every classroom and throughout the building for parents to access)
  • All-turf splash pad and all-turf (age appropriate) playgrounds and equipment
  • Enrichments Program (STEM, Spanish, Yoga, Gardening, Robotics, Coding, TOTS, Gymnastics)
  • Hours of operation will be from 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Before/After school program that will include transportation, snack, and tutoring services

Ivy Kids of Waco is the first step in an exciting future for young children, and we feel proud and blessed to be part of their journey. Thank you, parents, for sharing these crucial years of your child’s life with us!

For more information about Ivy Kids of Waco – click here!