Tips to Help Your Kids Transition Back into School Mode


August marks the end of the summer season! It’s all about those last-minute trips to the water park, impromptu picnics, or having a backyard swim party – nothing but good times! But there is even more on the mind of a busy mom in August … school is about to be back in session. It’s a crazy moment in time that I always found myself loving and dreading simultaneously. I loved summers with my kids, and the thought of them going back to school also made me a bit sad. No more spontaneous trips to the beach with my little gang or lazy days lingering around in our pjs. But as summer rolls away and September is on the horizon, the new school year just made my heart flutter! For me, school meant we were going to go back to a schedule! Something that I craved, and my kids did as well, they just didn’t know it.

Getting those kiddos back to a schedule creates normalcy and balance in our lives. But one of the hardest things to do is get everyone back on track. Including yourself, mom! Though my kids have been out of school for some time, I still remember those days. So here are a few things I did with my kids in order to get them back into the swing of things. I hope this can help you, too.

… Two weeks before school started, we got back to “school mode”. In my house that meant right after dinner, we would do homework. I would print up some worksheets for the grade that they are entering with words to learn and some simple math. This doesn’t have to be difficult or challenging, you are just getting those minds back in practice. Their teachers will be grateful!

… Bedtime rituals would resume and everyone would be in bed at 8:00p. (I moved that to 9:00p when they were got into middle school.) We also stuck to no screen time after 8p, either. That’s a good habit for all of us to get into, not just the kids!

packing lunch… I would make their lunches as if school were in the morning. If I am going to put those kiddos to bed early, I want to make the best of my time too. It’s also a good life lesson for them to know that we are all in this together. We are a family unit, and we all have the same goal here.

… Last but certainly not least, my husband and I would take time in the evening to reconnect. We would talk about our day without the kids there and just have time for us. Communicating with your partner isn’t always easy when you are constantly going. You both need that time to slow down, connect and communicate.

I am not going to sugar coat this, following this plan isn’t always easy. There were many nights that we were all riding the struggle bus. But if you stick to it, keep the schedule and stay the course, you may just find that you are all in the swing of it and all of your hard work has paid off! Great job, Mom! You have effectively got your family back on a schedule, have created balance and the kids will be ready to head off to school!