Asking For A Friend…… 20 Questions That Need Answers


Asking For A Friend…… 20 Questions That Need Answers

Mommin’ ain’t easy y’all. There are so many “rules and regulations” now and the constant feedback from social media is exhausting. We have all at some point or another made legitimate mistakes. Can we all agree that there are definite questions we all want to ask, but are too embarrassed to ask them? Can we just learn from each other? Can we just lift each other up, despite our differences and our misgivings? 

I’ve got questions of my own. Mom’s want to know! I’m obviously asking for a friend…..

  1. How long after waking up, do you wait to take a nap?  #afaf
  2. Eyebrow shaping seems like a pretty logical and simple task, but what exactly does one do with beard hairs?  #afaf
  3. How long, exactly, is too long to not change your razor blade?  #afaf
  4. Is it really drinking alone, if your kids are home?  #afaf
  5. Is stress from a TV show, considered good cardiovascular exercise? Fight or flight right? #afaf
  6. Is it rude to toss a Xanax into someone’s mouth while they are talking? #afaf 
  7. Is eating an entire thin crust pizza, is about the same as one piece of stuffed crust? #afaf
  8. Isn’t binge watching documentaries on Netflix, practically research? #afaf
  9. Can you put vodka in a humidifier? #afaf
  10. Does refusing to go the gym, count as resistance training? #afaf
  11. Does anyone know exactly which page of the Bible explains HOW to turn water into wine? #afaf
  12. Does 3 glasses of wine and 2 bloody marys count as 5 servings of fruits and vegetables? #afaf
  13. Is Febreeze the same as laundry detergent? #afaf
  14. Is it okay to wear a Snuggie to pick your kids up from school? #afaf
  15. What is the actual age when it is no longer appropriate to blare rap music in your car? #afaf 
  16. What is an appropriate number of hours a day, for a mom to look at Pinterest without guilt? #afaf
  17. Does anyone know how many calories you burn standing on a scale and crying? #afaf
  18. Is it possible to drink so much wine that on a scientific level, you are more grape than human? #afaf
  19. It is still okay to say, ” Cool beans” ? #afaf
  20. Anyone know how to perform an exorcism on a toddler? #afaf

Please feel free to add your own questions! This is a “Safe” environment. I mean, you are asking for a friend.  #afaf