To the Working Mom…..


To the Working Mom…..

The stay-at-home mom, the stay-at-home mom with a side hustle, the part-time working mom, the full-time working mom. All are titles I’ve held at some point in my short (almost) 7 years of motherhood.

I tend to battle the same internal war millions of mamas do. The desire to stay home and “enjoy the kids while they’re little” vs. the desire (or for many of us- the financial necessity) to work outside of the home. Somehow, no matter which of the seasons I’m in, the grass always appears to be greener to me on the other side. When I stayed home full time, I would daydream about working and making an impact in our community through my job. I’d think about all of the things we could do with the extra income I could bring in. Yet, when I worked full time, I found myself looking out the window on sunny mornings longing to leave so I could take my toddler to the park or the zoo. No matter our employment status, we all have a desire to feel seen and validated so, today’s post is a shout out to all my working mamas. 

To the mamas in their office on their lunch break trying to figure out the insane logistics of summer camps, transportation and babysitters. (Y’all this should be covered by insurance under “reasons to seek counseling”. It legit nearly sent me over the edge this summer.)

To the mamas who are putting their kids to bed only to then begin on the list of dishes, laundry, cleaning and late night grocery trips;

To the mamas on shift work who are dying to be at class trips and parties but can’t; 

To the mom who has a spreadsheet out, planning which soccer tournaments she will use some of her vacation days on;

To the mom who works through lunch, or comes in early so she can be sure have all of her work done as  to not be late picking up the kids;

To the mom who is scheduling her meetings around when she needs to pump, or pumping in the office bathroom during her break;

To the mom who cuddles the sick kiddo during the night while emailing her boss that she’ll be taking a sick day; 

and to the mom who gazes out of her office window on a sunny morning longing to skip out on the day’s meetings and take those kiddos to the zoo….I see you.

You are inspiring. You are a provider, You are strong. You are cherished. You are enough. You are an amazing mom.