Amy Williams

Weekend Getaway

12 Weekend Getaway Spots Within Hours of Waco

As much as staying home in our wonderful city is lovely, are you finding yourself in desperate need of a weekend getaway? Being centrally located in the big state of Texas, Waco is the...

My Husband is Not the Love of My Life

The funny thing is the more I learn to love and trust God, the better that I am able to love my husband, the more I appreciate my husband, and the closer we become....

Comparison and Competition: The Game of No Winners

  "I am not interested in competing with anyone, I hope we all make it." - Erica Cook   I recently read that quote and it really resonated with me.  Often times, women get too caught up in...

No Shame in My Mom Game!

One of my mom friends recently shared how she turned 'leftover night' into her kids' favorite night of the week.  She opened a 'restaurant' in her dining room.  She lit a few candles, played...

Dealing with Tragedy

My husband Preston is a great skier and grew up skiing from the time he was four years old. He spent many Christmas holidays and spring break vacations with his family in the mountains...

10 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Seasonal depression is real, y’all.  While I am no medical professional, I do have some tips that have helped me cope with the ‘winter blues’ over the last few years. Some of these may...