Am I Doing This Right?

In our world of instant gratification, it's tough to know if you're making the grade as a parent.  Parenting isn't exactly a short term investment, so it's easy to second guess yourself with little...

Did Everybody Get a Turn?

I love having a large family, but one of my struggles as a mom of 4 kids is making sure everybody gets a turn, or a little one on one time, everyday.  I worry...

Rainy Day Fun

When you are done splashing in all the muddy puddles, and the video games, and movies have bored to death what do you do??? Rainy days can be a challenge for us all.  The...

2018 Family Resolutions

I've tried to keep personal resolutions before and decided to change my mindset on this and make it a family project this year.  At my house, it takes the whole family, working together, to...

Surviving The Busy Season of My Life

Currently we  only have 2 days of practice, one day of games, one night of church, and one night of youth bible study.  I keep thinking things will slow down, I'll drink my coffee...