Valerie was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas but spent many years living in Colorado, Florida and Ohio. She is thrilled to be back in Texas again with her husband Paul and their daughter, Sofia. She is a board certified music therapist and a Music Together® director and teacher in the Waco area. She loves coffee, animals, teaching, scrapbooking, baking and listening to records.

Make Meaningful Thanksgiving Memories

  In preparation for this blog, I asked my Facebook friends, "What are your most memorable Thanksgiving traditions from your childhood?"  I was looking for answers that would give me some really cool activity ideas...

We need to give ourselves a huge dose of mama grace

We need to give ourselves a huge dose of mama grace. We talk so much about giving other people grace, especially other mothers when we see their kid throwing a fit at the store. ...

50 Great Books for Ages 1-6

One of the best ways to create memories with your child is through reading.  Bedtime reading is a popular way to sneak in a few books during your time with the kids.  But don't...

Choosing to change instead of crumble

From great pain comes great change.  At least that is what I have experienced in my time on earth.  I used to believe that life would be bliss most of the time with a...

Give me SPACE!

Making friends is complete torture for me. Not because I don't want friends, but because "making" them is really difficult. Getting past the whole acquaintance waiting period is painful. I'm a solid introvert. So...

Veteran, I see you.

I see you, young soldier. . . . . As you take the long trip back home to your family after months and months of war, wondering how you can possibly return back to "normal"...

Ten Minute Challenge for Moms

Ten minutes is about how long it takes to get a thrashing toddler buckled in their carseat.  And that's also how long it takes to checkout at Target when you go there for only...

I Double Dare You to Shop Local

Back in the 80's and 90's, the trend was going to the mall.  Everyone went to the mall.  Teenagers went to hang out for hours so they could do pretty much nothing at all,...

The Summer of Boredom

Social media tends to hype of the idea of summer. We see ads for giant water parks with children delightfully splashing at the park with their parents after spending almost $100 per person to...

Is my child ready for kindergarten?

I remember when this question became front and center in my mind. When my daughter was 3 years old, I began thinking about school and when to start. Since her birthday is in late...