Buy Yourself Flowers :: Put Yourself First


As mothers and women, we often put ourselves last. Start putting yourself first on your grocery list. Buy yourself flowers weekly.

We eat last, we go to bed last, and we are the last to buy ourselves clothes. We are last. And for the most part, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Women are raised to serve others, and that is a good thing.

We nurture, and we love wholeheartedly. It is only natural we get put last.

Being last is okay, as long as we’re are on the list somewhere. We must take care of ourselves because we know if we are healthy and happy, the rest of the family benefits.

Buy Yourself Flowers :: Put Yourself First

Self-love first.

This can be simple, little things in your life. Because the little things add up.

I am recommending you do something beautiful for yourself, weekly. Something just for you, although others may benefit as well. Because you see, if your daughters see you doing something beautiful for yourself, they will learn the importance of self-care, and they might develop the habit later in life.

And for the boys in your life, it is good for them to see this, as well. Boys will learn women need self-care and love to be healthy. And happy. Women need to be spoiled, even if the spoiling comes from within. They will learn what women like and when they are older, they will know how to please the women in their lives.

Monkey see, Monkey do? Or is it–do as I say, not as I do?

Raising selfless children is one of our goals, right? And so is raising children who practice a little self-care. So, let them imitate you taking care of yourself.

What am I recommending? Flowers.

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” –Claude Monet

Buy yourself flowers weekly. Get in the habit of picking out a beautiful bouquet when you are picking out your produce and canned goods. When you are at the grocery store, weekly, bi-weekly, or however often you go—buy yourself flowers.

I never go to the grocery store without heading to the floral department. I look forward to it. I reward myself for the mundane task of heading to the market. Flowers are a given on my shopping list.

You could also go to the local flower shop, but grocery stores often have a vast assortment of flowers and are economical. And you are there anyway.

With flowers, you can spend a few dollars, or more, depending on your budget. Daisies are sweet, and they are beautifully cheap. They also last longer than a week, so they are budget-friendly, too.

I like simple beauty, so I go for daisies, sunflowers, or whatever catches my eye. Mixing and matching the colors and types of flowers makes a beautiful bouquet. Often, I use white flowers. They pop when you add greenery or other colors of flowers. White flowers look stunning when you mix them with eucalyptus, too. And the smell!

Rarely do I buy roses, but I do splurge during tulip, ranunculus, and peony season. I spend less the other weeks of the year. And all the flowers are pretty. They all need love, just like we do.

To make the bloom last up to a week, you should…

  • cut the stems at an angle
  • be sure and change the water out at least every other day
  • use the freshening packet that comes with the bouquet
  • mix and match the blooms, if you buy more than one variety
  • use different types of vases and containers for the buds

Do this simple thing for yourself. Put yourself on your shopping list, and I promise the chore of going to the grocery store will become less of a pain in the…eh, you know, and more of a joy.

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.” –Oscar Wilde

Buy yourself flowers. Smell them, arrange them, and smile. And then return to taking care of everyone else you love, first.

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