Chick-Fil-A, How I Love Thee


Chick-Fil-A, How I Love Thee

Chick-fil-a you’re the wind beneath my wings,

Your perfect chicken fills all of my needs.

How can I ever express my gratitude? 

“My pleasure”, never an attitude! 

Your nuggets are so savory,

Your lemonade is so, so lemony!

You have so many sauces to choose from.

Your sandwiches are great to the very last crumb,

I’ll go on and on if I talk about your waffle fries!

Your playground is perfect for some mommy time, 

I mean play time! 

If I could I would eat there everyday, 

well except for Sunday! 

Doesn’t mean it won’t cross my mind, 

But I have to remember you believe in family time. 

I’ll be there Monday, bright and early 

For this delicious chick-n-minis! 

How I love thee dearly!