Step Out From Behind Your Phone & Computer | Building Community


Step Out From Behind Your Phone & Computer | Building Community

In this day and age of mommying we are so connected, yet at the same time, so disconnected. 

We might have 800 friends on Facebook, a few thousand followers on Instagram and NO real face to face interactions. We build up theses solid relationships on our social media and engage with one another with such fervor and love. Yet we still long for our tribe, our community.

Moms more than ever feel totally isolated from one another. Then there’s that awful little thing called, comparison. Ya’ll, comparison can literally naw away at your life if you let it (hello, guilty right here.) I know for me, when I see other moms who have it all together, I think, ” They couldn’t possibly relate to the struggles I’m facing.” So, instead of reaching out, I draw back. Because…no one wants a kill joy friend.

But THAT is where I have found such beautiful relationships grow. Sitting down with someone, opening up and unloading our feelings about the struggles in marriage, motherhood, and just life. Trust me, they aren’t judging you, they are thinking thank God, she is just as exhausted and broken as I am. I recall a few playdates I have had where I just cried and cried. But left feeling so full of love and gratitude. 

True community is built over coffee, poopy diapers, messy homes and real talk. Don’t let the facade of someones perfect Instagram life fool you. That mom that just posted her kids sitting quietly while she sips her coffee, was just locking herself in the bathroom crying on the floor as her kids are banging on the door. Wondering where her tribe is.

We were made to bear one another’s burdens. 

We were created for TRUE fellowship. Reach out, step out, and stop hiding behind that computer.