Sometimes you just need a mini vacation to look forward to, right?

Whether it is a package you’re expecting at the door or a little trip to break up the weekly replay of your routine. With COVID spoiling so many of our plans and vacations this summer, but some have still figured out ways to make it happen. For those of of us who might need a little instruction or inspiration. Here are three ways to get out of town for the weekend:

MAMA OR GIRLS WEEKEND: The Joule Hotel & Spa in Dallas 

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There are few things I love more than a good hotel stay. Fresh sheets, a glass of champagne at check in, a new environment to try on for night or two – it’s wonderful. Brody and I lived in Dallas for several years prior to moving to Waco and that city really sparkles for us. We promised we would go back as much as we can for the occasional dose of glamour and boy does the Joule deliver! You are right down the street from a fun, urban, shopping experience at the OG Neiman Marcus or 1424, lots of fun parks with food trucks or outdoor cafes to sip cocktails and enjoy the scenery. Or you can just hang out in the lobby bar, the coffee shop, the restaurant – It’s all fantastic.

But the SPA. The spa at the Joule is unmatched in my experience. Plan to stay for at least an hour before or after your service and don’t forget a swim suit. You can get lunch or there are free snacks and tea. It really is a wonderful escape. Pricing is not cheap, but in a COVID world – you can get a good deal and the entire place filled with a team of true professionals who will make sure you are well taken care of! My massage therapist might have let it slip that this place is a favorite of our own Joanna Gaines – and as we know, her taste is on point. 


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Just to clarify, I didn’t do this myself, but I thought a friend’s trip looked so amazing that I had to share it (look at how cute they are in their pics!). It’s a 9 hour drive that is long, but beautiful. Three days and two nights is a great amount of time to really enjoy yourself, but if you have an extra night to spare – spend it in Marfa on your way back!

They stayed in Terlingua, which is a historic, tiny, mining, ghost town that went bust way back when and was abandoned. If you are up for the Air BnB route, there are options for all budgets from hip tiny houses to ultra luxury yurts.

Once there you can do the National Park OR there is the State Park in the event that the National Park gets closed due to COVID (which is what happened to my friend). You can enjoy free hiking or guided experiences like kayaking and horseback riding. Lots of yummy and food and restaurants! Kids could enjoy this but if you are like me, I worry about a lack of resources with kiddos in tow, but it looked like an amazing couples trip. The wide open space of West Texas means no need for masks when out of doors – it really is social distancing (together) at its finest!

FAMILY TRIP: Hyatt Regency Lost Pines 


We LOVED our weekend at Lost Pines! Only an hour and 45 minutes away, near Bastrop and has a real Austin crowd so everyone was great about social distancing and masks when necessary. We were lucky enough that it was practically empty while we were there and I can imagine now that school has started, the weekends will still be great too!

They just finished a remodel that doesn’t show on the website so be prepared for a super cute room. We just got a double queen (make sure you get one of the patio with pool access rooms for an easier time kiddos!) OR my parents got an awesome “Hospitality Suite” for my little brother’s 16th birthday party that walked out to the Hummingbird Garden and petting zoo. That’s right, petting zoo! SO many outdoor activities for kids from the usual pool, splash pad, lazy river, and water slides, to meet and greets with alpaca, goats, longhorns, etc. There are even activities like horseback riding for ages as young as 2, and kayaking on the Colorado River or biking through the piney trails. 

We can’t wait until this is all over to enjoy our time together and make memories. You will enjoy it and so will your family! 

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