Dare To Put Your Life Aside For Your Spouse


I don’t know about y’all, but finding time between raising kids and trying to maintain a healthy, thriving relationship has been super challenging.  There’s always this thought, “Am I dedicating myself enough to my marriage as well?”   The truth is I am not.  And for that reason plus a few others my marriage relationship has been suffering.  Being a newlywed (2.6964 years lol) trying to figure this blended family thing out has been another challenge in itself. But needless to say, when my husband and I can squeeze in some quality time together, we tend to be more filled emotionally which leads to a happier and healthier environment.  Because let’s be honest most of the time, either one of us is starving emotionally.  From one another.  So, most of the time we’re just treading along as the days sunset and it’s just another day gone by tasks checked off our to do list.  Most days our dates are not on the top of our priorities.  

One of the best dates we’ve ever been on actually just happened recently.  We decided to go to the bookstore and found some marriage related books which we found questions from to ask each other.  The store closed and we weren’t done asking our questions.  So we decided to finish the questions in the car before heading back to the kids.  We ended up having some deep and intimate conversation for about another hour.  We both learned things from each other that we hadn’t known before.  Just because we got a break from everything else around us, not just our children, but from the rest of the world and every day responsibilities. The cost of this date-  zero dollars and only our time.  If you want to give your spouse something that’s worth more than anyone can buy or give -it’s your time.  Being intentional about our dates is becoming one of my priorities.  So, put your phones down, let that email wait, take the moment in and enjoy each other.  Save that text you want to send during the day and say it to him in person when he gets home 🙂