Dear Kindergarten Mamas


“Let them be little because they’re only that way for a while”- Unknown


Dear Kindergarten Mamas,

This is it! The big day is here and just like that your babies are off to start their school career. When they say, “Don’t blink”, they truly mean it. As a mom of an almost 1st grader, I feeeeeeeeel you, I SEE you, and you are not alone in all of these bittersweet feelings. I’m here to let you know that all your questions, worries, concerns, excitements, and thoughts about your kiddo starting Kindergarten are valid! Don’t worry, your kiddo will thrive more than you know and even if there are humps along the way, you (and they, too) will get through them!
The night before will likely be the hardest on you…
Remember when you were just rocking them to sleep, watching them coo and babble, teaching them to go potty, reading books at night, sending them off to daycare for the first time, or leaving them home with a nanny? How about those late night feedings or inconsolable crying? Tantrums that seemed to last a lifetime or introducing new foods? Disciplining in those times where you wanted to just cave and give in? Maybe you did and that’s okay. Remember their little voices and their vocabulary beginning to blossom? It’s the sweetest. What about those cuddle, sick moments where you wanted to take their pain away? Goodness, there’s so much in those first 5 to 6 years of life! You worked so hard, mama and you’ve done it SO they can enter into the world of Kindergarten well equipped (as best as possible-tee hee hee)! Give yourself a pat on the back-it’s much deserved! No matter where your child has been (home, daycare, pre-k, mother’s day out, or with a nanny), they will be prepared! They will be well-loved and cared for. These tiny humans we made are so much more resilient than us as parents are and I promise you, they will adapt. Give them, and yourself grace; constant grace. And remember, even if there are hurdles along the way, it’s okay. They are trying to navigate this new world they’ve been thrown into and it doesn’t mean they won’t ever come out of that funk, they may just need more support. Be their support! They will thrive in their own ways.
So, in these these last moments before your Kindergartener goes off into the big ole world, make those moments special! Don’t worry about teaching them “all the academic things”. Teach them to be kind, respectful, helpful, and most importantly to have fun! Spend some extra one on one time with them. Take them on a fun outing. Go on a special trip! Let them know they are so loved and you are so.dang.proud of them! Soak up all the hugs and kisses as you can; they won’t be little forever but man, it’s amazing to watch them grow!


A recent Kindergarten mom
P.S. Wear waterproof mascara! 🙂

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