Dear Primrose Teacher: Letter from a Thankful Parent


When you’re a working parent and your child is in full time care, your relationship with their teacher is an important and meaningful one. My daughters, 3 and 4 years old, cry or cling nearly every time I or my husband do drop off (don’t worry, they are fine within seconds and get their flare for drama from their mother), but they’re also devastated if we come for early pick up and they are in the middle of a one on one art lesson or an exciting center with friends. They love their school, their friends and above all – their Primrose teachers.

I remember the first time someone besides my husband and I taught our oldest something new; it started with the proper way to wash their hands, then how to use a sippy cup, helped them sleep comfortably outside of a crib, and so on. Our childcare providers are who we share our milestones with, no matter how much we still get to experience when making the most of being at home.

My youngest found her favorite teacher during one of the most difficult lessons she has learned in her little life – potty training. Potty training when your child is at Primrose can look all sorts of ways. Some kids come in after a weekend and are suddenly in dry underwear and not skipping a beat, other kids struggle every day until the day they are ready for the “no diapers” class. For my family, it looked like doing our absolute best starting on a Friday through Sunday and then sending 5 pairs of pants and 5 pairs of panties and watching our school app for constant progress updates while at work.


Her teacher was incredibly supportive and made sure to communicate with me how progress was going at the start and end of every day. I made clear what our strategy was at home and they implemented a structured and well timed “trying schedule”. After a week, maybe two – along with all of the fellow teachers who helped follow our lead – my husband, my daughter’s teachers and I had a fully potty trained big girl on our hands. The bond was set and my daughter has been proud to share every milestone at home with her beloved teacher ever since. This is just one example of a meaningful relationship my children have had in their time in full time preschool. We are beyond blessed by our Primrose teachers!

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