Waco Moms is Growing | Meet SJ DiCamillo


Hey there! I am SJ and I’m honored to have the opportunity to introduce myself to this amazing community of mothers, daughters, friends, and neighbors.

I grew up in a tiny town in northeast Kansas that the majority of the world has never heard of. The kind of town where stoplights didn’t exist, gossip was strong, and everyone knew everyone. I lived in the same house from birth to 18, I graduated with the same kids I went to preschool with, and my high school principle was my (distant) cousin.

By the time I turned 18, I was more than ready to see the world, which obviously meant going to the largest in-state school, The University of Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!). It was there I experienced culture, had the immense privilege of studying architecture, and accepted Jesus into my life. I spent the following years in Kansas City working and interning with a local ministry.

Through a mutual friend, I was connected to my now husband, who also had Kansas City ties,  but was living in Colorado. After a handful of dinner dates over Skype (yes, that long ago), and one trip out to Colorado to make sure he wasn’t too good to be true, I made the logical choice of moving to Pagosa Springs after knowing my boyfriend only 2 months to make the pursuit a little easier. We met, got engaged, and married in 11 months. What can I say? When ya know ya know, and I would’ve accepted a ring pop from Tanner if that’s all he had.

Almost immediately after getting married, we started entertaining what it would look like to leave Colorado. We vowed we would never move to Texas, so naturally we found ourselves moving to Waco in March of 2016. Though other places checked off the list of non negotiables, and quite possibly more of them, it was the peace and sense of home we felt the moment we drove into Waco that sold us. So convinced, we moved with a rent payment due, without jobs, and having only two loose acquaintances in the area to jump start us on our new adventure.

We have since added 3 littles to our family, Grae (6), Poppy (3) and Louie (1), and have developed an admiration and sense of loyalty to the city of Waco. We have the biggest heart to see the potential of this town come to fruition and we are determined to see it through. Here for more restaurants that focus on quality ingredients and inventive menus. Here for more small and boutique businesses that bring culture and style to our city. Here for more architects, contractors, and investors that believe and strive for a city with houses that have different floor plans. Here for more music and art in multiple mediums being displayed and celebrated. And here for more date night options because let’s be real… we’ve had to get creative. We are here for Waco and we are here for planting roots in this city full of possibility and potential.