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Waco Moms is Growing | Meet Katelyn Kasper

Katelyn lives in Waco with her husband of 10 years, Matthew, and their two young children, Caleb and Abigail. Katelyn started as a military...

Waco Moms is Growing | Meet Kelsey Baas

Hi! I am Kelsey Baas, lover of: books, the Baylor Bears, and lately a good game of mahjong. Being a Waco Moms Contributor is...

Waco Moms is Growing | Meet Sonja Smith

Hi, I’m Sonja Smith! I was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, up north in Canada. Growing up, my incredible parents...

Waco Moms is Growing | Meet SJ DiCamillo

Hey there! I am SJ and I'm honored to have the opportunity to introduce myself to this amazing community of mothers, daughters, friends, and...

Meet Sthefanie Welch

Hey guys!  My name is Sthefanie Welch (the H is silent, don't ask).  I am a Los Angeles native that has spent the last...