Meet Sthefanie Welch

This was 5 years ago – this blog has reminded me I probably need new family pictures.

Hey guys!  My name is Sthefanie Welch (the H is silent, don’t ask).  I am a Los Angeles native that has spent the last 11 years in the good ole state of Texas.  I never thought I would leave the booming city life until I met the man of my dreams.  I married my internet boyfriend 11 years ago who happened to be stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.  Let me give you the short version of our love story.  We were best “online friends” for a little over a year before he joined the military.  When he got stationed in Texas I came to meet him in person; and low and behold he had bought my engagement ring before ever meeting me in person!  Three days after meeting in person he proposed to me and two days after that I flew home.  The second time I ever saw him was for our wedding 3 months later! All I can say is my children better not ever try to imitate my wild ways.

After a few years of trying to conceive and the fertility treatments not taking we decided we wanted to adopt.  Today I am the momma to two of the most handsome boys I’ve ever laid eyes on.  We went the foster to adopt route and although it wasn’t easy I couldn’t imagine my life without them.  They came to us when they were just 2 years old and 4 weeks old; today they are 5 and 7.  After separating from Active Duty in the Army my husband became a Texas State Trooper which is what led us to Waco!

In 2018 I opened a storefront for my boutique The Black Daisy!  We are located in the China Spring area of Waco and it has been a heck of a ride.  I have had owned The Black Daisy since 2016 and started out of my living room and it’s amazing to walk into what it has grown to be every single day.

Living in Waco has been different; some good and some bad.  I’m definitely a bit of  a wildflower.  Being the wild haired, tattooed, Latina mom in a suburban area comes with some fun stories.  I am all about inclusion, especially as a woman business owner!  I love to celebrate every single woman for who we are.  I am a woman who has overcome homelessness, trafficking, and other obstacles.  We are not where we have been.  We are so much more than who we once were.  Our differences are what makes us unique and that’s pure magic!  I am so excited to be part of this community with YOU!

Let’s take this wild momma ride together.  




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