When is the last time you had a Mom’s night out or Girl time? Most would say it’s been foreverrrrr. Especially in 2020, right?! Goodness. What a lifetime of a year it’s been. Here are a few hot spots that you can sneak away to soon and explore in Waco!

  1. Waco Axe Company: Located downtown-here’s a new gem to check out because who doesn’t want to throw stuff FOR FUN?!?! As a therapist, I see this as a complete therapeutic release! Even if you don’t have stress to get rid of (and if you don’t, who are you btw?! haha), this is a fabulous way to have some good laughs with your friends!

2. Waco Escape Room: Want to use your mind in a NON-MOM way?! Waco Escape Room is the place to go then. They have several different rooms to choose from and I believe any supermom can figure their way out! If you don’t escape, it’s still worth it I promise.

3. Waco Pedal Tours: Want to stroll through Waco and enjoy an adult beverage at the same time? You’re in luck-they offer 3 different tours: Daytime Bar Crawl, Happy Hour, and Late Night Bar Crawl! Best part- you can customize where your tour goes!

4. Valley Mills Vineyards: This place reminds of the hill country, which in my book is the BEST place in Texas (wink, wink)! What beautiful view where you can unwind and enjoy girl chat with a glass of your favorite kind of wine. Run.here.now!

5. Board and Brush: Last but not least! Who enjoys crafting?! The owners here are wonderful and have brought this chain to Woodway! They have the cutest customizable pieces you get to take home to spruce up your house. It’s the perfect place to enjoy an adult beverage while crafting with your girlfriends.

Cheers, Mamas. You ALL deserve a night out! Let us know where you explore next.