Do Something in the Midst of Motherhood


Do Something in the Midst of Motherhood

Do something. When you are in the middle of life with littles, just doing SOMETHING can seem like doing EVERYTHING. In a world where you have to do lunches, do naps, do bedtimes, do baths, do clean up, do play dates, and do discipline.. I don’t WANT to DO another stinking thing. 

But isn’t that what we need sometimes as moms? We need to do SOMETHING. Something else. Something God is calling us to do because he knows that doing that 1 more thing is actually the thing that will make the other 387234 things worth it. Doing that 1 extra thing will bring the joy you’ve lost in a sea of “to-do” lists. 

What does that look like? I can’t tell you. For me, it was saying “yes” to a jewelry business that made no sense and the timing was terrible. But looking back, it was actually perfect and brought me out of what was a dark road I was heading down. For you, it may be physically doing something like working out or going to lunch with a friend or starting a new job. For others, it may be deleting social media, taking time to pray, or simply practicing being still. Everyone’s “something” is different, so there is no formula here. The only plan I know that has a 100% success rate is the one where the leader you’re following is Christ. When the thing you decide to do is prompted by a calling from the Holy Spirit, you won’t regret just doing 1 more thing. 

This is pretty vague.. and I wish I could give you direct instructions of how to reach your potential, return to joy, simplify your life, live a life of purpose, and everything else we all long to do. But, I can’t. I know the One who can, and I know the One who is ready to share it all with you, but I personally can’t be that one. All I can tell you is to do SOMETHING. Do whatever it is you’ve been feeling nudged to do. 

Ask that mom over who keeps coming to mind. Reach out to the local non profit you feel led to serve with. Make dinner for that family who just moved in, even if you haven’t met them yet. Wake up 10 minutes early to start your day with coffee and Jesus instead of wet diapers and runny noses. Just do something. 

God didn’t create us to be potted plants and he didn’t create us to be overwhelmed. He created us for His Glory, to love us, and to love us well. Just like we didn’t birth kids to have tiny soldiers, he didn’t create us to follow a strict set of rules, with no room for fun. He wants to enjoy us and for us to enjoy Him. And the best way I know to do that is to do whatever that “something” is He has been asking you to do. 

So this week, will you do something? Whatever your “something” is that you’ve been avoiding, do it. Satan wants nothing more than to let our fear and anxieties keep us from moving. He wants to make sure we are too scared to leave our comfort zone, too paralyzed in fear to move. But not today, Satan! Today, I’m doing something.