Don’t Tell Me How To Mom


I’ve always swam against the current.  I’ve never let the world dictate how or who I should be.  Even as a momma; I don’t follow the “rules”.  I use the word rules lightly because I’m a firm believer in letting a momma raise her children in her own way.  I am no one to tell anyone their way is wrong, and honestly neither are you.

I let my children watch tons of television, sometimes I leave way too late to feed them breakfast so I load them up with sugar filled donuts and chocolate milk, I don’t limit their “screen time” on their tablets, and I don’t only feed them organic foods.  I’m a believer and a Christ follower but sometimes I drop the F-bomb around them.  And sometimes I don’t let them watch television, I make them eat vegetables, I stuff probiotics in them, put them in time out when they use the word stupid and I make them say grace before dinner.

I didn’t breastfeed my children.  I also didn’t birth my children.  I had the most humble blessing of adopting my two most perfect gifts from God.  And being lectured because I didn’t “choose” to breastfeed my children doesn’t make me less of a mom.  Nothing in this world makes me less of a mom.  The fact that I didn’t get to grow my beautiful boys in my womb definitely does not make me less of a mom.

The truth is that you can be a crunchy mom or you can be a “they live to see another day mom”.  But you know what you always are? A mom.

I am a mom that is raising kind and gentle humans. A mom that is raising two gentlemen to respect and love women as they would want to see their momma being treated.  A mom who would give her life to protect her babies. A mom that is teaching two boys that Jesus is love.  A mom that is teaching her children that God is grace.  I don’t love them less the days they have candy for breakfast.  And I don’t love them more the days I make them green smoothies for lunch.  I love them, entirely, with all of me, every day.

So you raise your children in a healthy environment the way YOU want to.  Don’t let the world make you feel guilty for doing things “wrong”.  The world will keep trying to tell you what is best for your kids, but you’re their momma.  You have a magical maternal connection that no one possesses with them but YOU.

Your kids wont remember how many times you made them eat their vegetables when they grow up.  They won’t remember whether or not you let them watch 1 or 2 hours of television.  They will remember how you loved them and the memories you shared together.  They will remember the times you laughed together, the hugs, the kisses, and how you went out of your way to make them feel like the very special humans that they are.  They will remember the love; and in the end that’s all that matters.

Stay in your magic momma.  You’re the only you.