Best Kids Meal Deals in Waco


Waco mamas, here is a list of (possible) kid meal deals! {See note below.} If you have any that I missed, please drop it in the comment section. Let’s all band together in as an army of moms who are not always willing or able to cook dinner for multiple mouths every single night. I see you, mama, you’re doing amazing. Now take the kids out to eat & enjoy a dishes-free night out of the kitchen.

I’m going to be completely honest here and let you know, I did NOT call all of these restaurants to make sure these deals apply at Waco locations. I hope this list gives you ideas, but before you load up the kids & head to dinner, please call first!

  1. Golden Corral
    • Kids 3 and under eat free w/paying adult
    • 618 N Valley Mills
  2. CiCi’s Pizza
    • Kids 3 and under eat free w/paying adult
    • 1609 N Valley Mills
  3. Souper Salad
    • Kids 2 and under eat free, 3-12 yrs only $4.99
    • 5000 W Waco Dr
  4. McAlister’s Deli
    • DINE IN ONLY: kids meals $1.99, TO GO: kids meals $2.99
    • 812 6th St, 4551 W Waco Dr, 1505 Hewitt Dr
  5. Firehouse Subs
    • Kids free 4-9 PM w/adult purchase on Wednesdays
    • 4215 Franklin Ave
  6. Jersey Mike’s
    • Kids free 11-8 PM on Sundays
    • 1515 N Hewitt Dr
  7. Dickey’s BBQ
    • Kids free w/adult purchase on Sundays (& free ice cream everyday!)
    • 5900 Bosque Blvd
  8. Freebirds
    • 120 N New Rd
  9. Fuddrucker’s
    • Kids free 5-9 PM on Mondays
    • 1411 N Valley Mills
  10. Schlotsky’s
    • Kids free w/adult purchase on Wednesdays
    • 621 N Valley Mills
  11. Applebee’s
    • Kids free w/adult purchase on Tuesdays
    • 614 N Valley Mills
  12. Jason’s Deli
    • Kids free on Sundays
    • 4302 W Waco Dr
  13. Buffalo Wild Wings
    • Kids 12 and under $0.99-$1.99 on Mondays
    • 2312 W Loop 340
  14. Chili’s
    • Kids free w/adult purchase on Mondays
    • 1800 S Valley Mills
  15. Chick Fil A
    • Kids free w/adult purchase 5-close on Tuesdays
    • 4310 Franklin Ave
  16. Denny’s
    • Kids free 4-10 PM on Tuesdays
    • 2409 S New Rd
  17. Fazoli’s
    • Kids $0.99 w/adult purchase on Tuesdays
    • 919 S 6th St, 5201 W Waco Dr
  18. IHOP
    • Kids free w/adult purchase 4-8 PM
    • 4109 S Jack Kultgen Expy
  19. Dairy Queen
    • Kids free on Wednesdays
    • 125 La Salle Ave, 4620 W Waco Dr, 1424 N New Rd
  20. Double Dave’s
    • Kids free w/adult buffet on Sunday nights
    • 160 N New Rd
  21. La Fiesta
    • Kids free w/adult purchase on Sundays
    • 3815 Franklin Ave
  22. Hooters
    • Kids free w/adult purchase on Tuesdays
    • 3921 S Jack Kultgen Expy
  23. Pizza Hut
    • Kids free personal pan pizza w/adult purchase 6-8 PM on Tuesdays
    • 1111 S 8th St, 1230 N Valley Mills
  24. Logan’s Roadhouse
    • Kids free w/adult purchase on Wednesdays
    • 2806 W Loop 340
  25. Luby’s
    • Kids free w/adult purchase on Wednesdays & Saturdays
    • 951 N Loop 340 (Bellmead)
  26. Mama Fu’s Asian House
    • Kids free w/adult purchase on Sundays
    • 1230 N Valley Mills
  27. Casa Ole
    • Kids $0.99 w/adult purchase on Tuesdays
    • 725 N Loop 340 (Bellmead)
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