Paige Benzing

Paige is happily married to Andrew and became a mother to twin boys, Hayden and Ashton, in December 2016. Against all odds, a girl raised in New Mexico met a boy from Michigan while they were attending Baylor University in Texas. Andrew and Paige took a year off to start their family, and have now returned to reside in Hewitt and finish their bachelors' degrees at Baylor. When the twins are asleep, she enjoys curling up with a Common Grounds coffee and either a book or a Sudoku puzzle. She loves breaking stereotypes of young moms by thriving as a twenty year old mom of multiples.

Complete Guide to Christmas 2020 in Waco

It's Christmas time in Waco! I'm not going to lie: I'm in the "don't put your Christmas tree up until after Thanksgiving" boat, for sure. But starting this week in Waco, Christmas events begin, so buckle...
summer in Waco

Summer 2020 Bucket List in and around Waco {free printable}

Well… normally we’d have 50 things for you to do this summer in and around Waco, but since we are in the era of social distancing, our Summer 2020 Bucket List looks… a bit...

Waco’s Best Happy Hours

For when it's the weekend & you want to celebrate. . . or, when it's Tuesday and you need a pick-me-up. Here's a list of happy hours around Waco I've put together; please fact...

Spring Events in Waco

Spring is a busy yet fun time in Waco, Texas! Whether you are staying local or traveling to Waco for vacation- there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained! Events: Events: ...

For Moms of Kids Who Love Reptiles

I love encouraging a love of nature in my kiddos. For us, that means lots of time outside, which inevitably includes crawling/flying/slithering creatures. This may freak some people out; if that's you, sorry. If...

When The Plans Fall Short

I'm a type A person, so I LOVE planning. Schedules, routines, and planners are my jam. But if you are reading this, you're probably a mother, and you've probably had a plan or two...

Best Kids Meal Deals in Waco

Waco mamas, here is a list of (possible) kid meal deals! {See note below.} If you have any that I missed, please drop it in the comment section. Let's all band together in as...

The First Kid-less Vacation

Let me just start by saying this, mama. Are you considering taking a trip with your husband and leaving the kids at home? DO. IT. When I mentioned to a group of mothers that I...

Ultimate Summer Bucket List in Waco

Every mama needs a list of ideas for summer, am I right? Because of 100+ degree weather, I'm going to make this even more practical for you by dividing up into categories: At Home...

10 Tips To Keep Intimacy Alive After Kids

10 Tips To Keep Intimacy Alive After Kids I'm not an expert. On my first draft of this post, I started writing my "credentials" in marriage and parenthood, as if to prove to you that I'm...