For Moms of Kids Who Love Reptiles


I love encouraging a love of nature in my kiddos. For us, that means lots of time outside, which inevitably includes crawling/flying/slithering creatures. This may freak some people out; if that’s you, sorry. If that freaks you out, but interests your kids, keep reading! And, of course, if YOU love reptiles, definitely read on.

Here are some resources I found for mamas whose little ones love reptiles. And honestly, you can visit most of these places/websites and replace “reptiles” with whatever else your kids are interested in to get activities, ideas, and learning!

  1. The Mayborn Museum: the new Backyard Ecology exhibit in our very own children’s museum is incredible. Fun fact, they are now a part of the ASTC passport program, so you can buy a membership (experience Christmas gift, anyone?) and also be able to visit the Thinkery in Austin, the Perot Museum in Dallas, and way more!
  2. Anything David Attenborough. The series Life is on Netflix; see episode 2 about reptiles and amphibians. Here’s another list of the best videos about reptiles on Netflix!
  3. National Geographic Kids free primary resources.
  4. Reptiles Alive: this website has some super fun coloring pages, puzzles, word searches, and a memory game related to reptiles!
  5. ChildFun: a website full of free creative activities and fun things to do with your child in many areas of interest, link is to reptiles & amphibians theme.
  6. A detailed list of 10 reptile books for the young reader in your life.
  7. ReptiFiles: Thinking about getting a pet reptile? This website is dedicated to compiling current research on reptile care, and she has even ranked possible pets in order of difficulty of care.
  8. Reptile Resource Packet: if you want your children to learn more about reptiles, but don’t know anything more than the little facts printed on the walls at the zoo, this is a fun starting place. It’s made for 2nd graders, but many of the activities could be adapted for younger or older kids.
  9. This fun list of resources related to prehistoric sea monsters, to take it up to the next level. They basically combine reptiles & dinosaurs, and are there kids who DON’T think dinosaurs are interesting?

Happy reptile learning, mamas & little ones of Waco! Let us know your favorite ideas & how they go below, in the comments 🙂

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