Fashion Trends for Fall


Fashion trends constantly changing season by season, leaves most women I know feeling inadequate, overwhelmed and weary. Usually because we just jumped on board with what they recommended last season. I’ve always had a sneaky suspicion that we are manipulated by these trends, so I’ve usually shown up late. Waiting for everyone else to test the waters and be fashion trend guinea pigs before I dip my toe in.

The first rule in fashion is often avoided and overlooked most in fashion trend reports, which is, dress in what you feel lovely and comfortable in! No one knows your shape better than you, so dress in the ways which flatters it! The times I’ve looked back at photos and  cringed are always the times I was influenced into a certain style that wasn’t yet comfortable. I encourage you, my fellow friends, get comfortable in your own skin, know your comfort level with fashion and enjoy!

Autumn will always bring the enchanting fall tones, but this year it engulfed us a little grander with all the gorgeous jeweled tones! Deep magenta, peacock teal, dark golden amber, cranberry, crisp navy, brilliant emerald, and raspberry, with all of these, do we need more colors? Can we simply stay in this trend forever?


Fushia pink is usually included in jeweled tones, but this year it is getting billing of its own.  Gals who have never even worn pink are giving it a shot in metallics and velvets. One literally can not go wrong with it!

Speaking of velvet….tactile is in!  From crushed velvet to corduroy, or sequins to leather they are here for awhile!

Metallics are considered all seasons, but they are having their own moment again. Gold, silver, bronze, and rose gold are shimmering in all materials, whether it be an accent or whole outfit.

Even though we don’t get to enjoy a full season of winter in central Texas, leather is timeless! If you don’t want to splurge for a leather jacket, there are several vegan leather pieces out there. Or grab a top or a dress that is accented with leather.


Blazers can be added to any outfit to dress it up. I love all the crushed velvet and plaid options on the market! There isn’t a right or wrong with a blazer, you can simply throw it on top of a t-shirt and jeans, or play into it and dress it up! When choosing a blazer make sure it still gives you some shape, a quick alteration to the body can make all the difference from looking like you grabbed one out of your dad’s closet and looking chic! My favorite blazers are the ones we carry in Textured Threads – they are lightweight with ruched sleeves, so you don’t have to worry about hemming at the wrist.

We can all get in ruts when it comes to getting dressed daily, so why not look into the changing fashions with optimism and a little humor, rather than dread?  Enjoy all the rich fabrics and color brought to us this season!