It’s the day after Christmas. You’re finally home. All the gifts have been opened, the new toys are being played with and the gift-wrapping trash is long gone. Job well done, mom! The kids had an amazing Christmas and YOU survived the season! But after the newness of the toys dies down, you realize you need to find a home for these new items. Where will they go? There’s no room in the cabinet or the playroom closet – no room under the kid’s beds or in those cute baskets from Target. So, you leave them on the dining room table, in the hallway or on the floor of the den for the foreseeable future.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there before! Dining room table … guilty as charged!

This is why we want to encourage a Pre-Holiday Purge. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You should purge before the holidays, don’t wait until after Christmas. There are so many benefits of doing this before new toys enter the home. You create an opportunity to take inventory of what your child actually needs vs what they want. During the purge you may find your child needs a new winter coat or age-appropriate books rather than sneakers and board games. Use this to your benefit and ask family for the items your little one needs!

Below are our TOP 5 items to get rid of during a pre-holiday purge:
** (without stating the obvious, if your child doesn’t play with an item anymore – that should be the first to go) ** 

  1. Tiny, Noisy, Oversized & Broken Toys.
    We call this “all the toys parents don’t like” category! Think happy meal toys, toys with a million pieces, tiny doll shoes, broken crayons, games or puzzles with missing pieces, the toy that’s so big that it doesn’t fit anywhere. Say goodbye!
  2. Toys They’ve Outgrown.
    This can be hard – especially if you’re planning to have more kids. While keeping a tub of smaller toys for younger siblings (mainly developmental/open ended toys), there are some your child has simply outgrown that are OK to go ahead and donate. Younger siblings typically want to play with their older siblings toy anyway.
  3. Multiples or Excess Toys.
    I’m looking at you stuffed animals, baby dolls, barbies, legos, craft supplies, etc. However many you have – cut the number in half. And then cut it in half again. Trust us!
  4. Clothes.
    This is the perfect time to change your kid’s wardrobe from summer to winter. Donate items that are too small, trash the popsicle-stained shirts and take inventory of what they might need for the upcoming season.
  5. Toys You’re Holding Onto Because … ?
    This can be difficult, too. But just because they got it last year for Christmas or for their recent birthday doesn’t mean you need to keep it – especially if they don’t play with it. If you’re holding onto a toy for sentimental reasons – it might be something you’re holding onto, rather than your child.

HOT TIP: One thing we hear A LOT – “Johnny will notice if his blue truck is gone!” We
recommend creating a “Toy Hideout” area in your home. Purchase a large grey bin and hide
toys you’re wanting to get rid of but don’t out of fear of a full-on meltdown when they realize it’s gone. After a month of no one asking for those toys, take all items to donate. If they do ask for it – then you’re the hero mom who found it!

Here are some goals we want to leave you with for your Pre-Holiday Purge — you’ve got this mom!

  • Donate a minimum of 2 large trash bags of toys/clothes. Check out our guide to where to take Donations in Waco.
  • Give yourself 2 hours minimum to do this – a little concentration on this purge goes a
    long way!
  • Complete before November 18th. This will give you time before the holidays to discuss
    gift ideas with family.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by attempting to purge toys or clothes? Call us for help! We have a special pre-holiday purge rate. We’d love to help set you up for success in this upcoming holiday season!


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