For the Love of Sports, Snacks, & Chaos

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For the Love of Sports, Snacks & Chaos

In our household sports pretty much rule our world for about 6-8 months out of the year. Between baseball and soccer our Fall season is maxed out. Then begins winter basketball and before you know it we are right back into Spring baseball and soccer! It’s a never-ending cycle of busyness. Our family thrives in chaos and dinners pretty much consist of crock pots {if I remember to plan ahead} or a quick bite after games at the closest drive thru. 

We have a love/hate relationship with the weekend early games. We love that we get them over with and can actually enjoy our weekend, but we hate that we have to wake our 2 year old up several hours earlier than normal. Not to mention, mom and dad have to peel themselves out of bed earlier too! It’s for the birds. Fortunately on these early mornings a bowl of cereal is an easy fix for a quick bite to eat before we get thrown into the thick of the day. I know the kids (and adults) like it and it’s quick and easy. Some of our faves include Honey Bunches of Oats®, Honeycomb®, and Fruity Pebbles®.  {Side note :: In a cooking rut in general? You’ll be amazed at the variety of recipes found here}.

And, we can’t forget about the spectators. For example, when my boys are on the soccer field their little sister is sitting on the sidelines. In a perfect world she’d be focused on the game and cheering for her brothers, but reality is a much different story. Keeping her occupied often requires food. Snack sized bags filled with cereal are always in my game bag as a go-to snack. And cookies…copious amounts of cookies. 

The crazy sports schedules sometimes makes you question if it’s worth it, but then you look at your child’s face and it’s lit up. Personally, watching 4 and 5 year olds on the soccer field is fun. By the time you make it to 7 and 8 year olds it starts to get frustrating :). Sometimes they start playing for the opposing team or they are more focused on the blooming flower they want to pick for you or sometimes they give you a wave full of excitement from midfield. Sure, these moments can be frustrating for us parents, but then it hits you – the days are long and the years are short. 

{Calling All Soccer Fans}

Starting this month {JUNE}, limited edition Major League Soccer (MLS) cereal boxes can be found at grocery stores across the country. These boxes feature Topps® MLS player trading card cut-outs. My kids are absolutely obsessed with trading cards! 

Make sure to tune in THIS Wednesday at 1 pm as we showcase this awesome Soccer Mom Survival Kit courtesy of Post Consumer Brands. Two lucky mamas will win this kit and take their game night preparation to a whole new level! 

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