How to Get Your Child An Autism Evaluation from the Comfort of Your Home

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There’s no one more determined than a mama who is worried about her child’s development and suspects autism. Moms are keenly aware of expected developmental milestones, and when a child isn’t meeting them, moms go into research mode. There is an abundance of information available on the internet on autism and other developmental disorders. Unfortunately, when it comes to getting a child a professional autism evaluation, help isn’t always as readily available.

A Solution to Long Waitlists

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Many families are stunned to realize that waitlists for autism evaluations can be months long. This is crushing for those who need help and answers now, especially since early intervention is often the key to successful outcomes with autism. Also, moms of children who are struggling know how difficult it is to leave the house for scheduled appointments.

Fortunately, in our current age of technology, there is hope for families stuck on long waitlists. As You Are is a virtual clinic providing diagnostic autism evaluations for kids 16 months to 10 years via telehealth appointments. Appointments with a trained physician are readily available in Texas through video calls. Families who would otherwise be searching and waiting for answers for months, can now get them in a matter of weeks. What a relief.

As You Are has a staff of physicians specially trained to diagnose autism and other developmental disorders. Appointments are exclusively online, and they work collaboratively with families to create an individualized care plan that they feel can great about. They accept insurance, including Medicaid and TRICARE East.

Does My Child Need an Autism Evaluation?

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Since the brain is primed for learning early in life, early screening and intervention is crucial for young children who may have autism. But the evaluation process can be confusing. As You Are walks families through every step of the process, starting with the question, “Does my child need an autism evaluation?” For those who aren’t sure the answer is “Yes”, they offer a free online questionnaire to learn a bit about the child, their behavior patterns and their family history. This takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and provides families with their child’s current probability of autism based on their age – this is the first step of the diagnostic process.

Once a family decides that an evaluation is needed and wants to proceed with scheduling, the process is simple and hassle-free. As You Are‘s team is ready and available to help with every step- from checking insurance benefits to sending and collecting health information paperwork to answering any and every question families have.

young child and family do autism evaluation virtually

The entire evaluation process can be completed in just three individual virtual video appointments, including a clinical interview (discussion with the physician), standardized behavioral observation and results visit – all from the comfort of your home, keeping you and your child in a familiar environment.

Moms, don’t let the autism evaluation process overwhelm you and keep you from getting the answers your family needs. There IS help available, and it’s available now. You don’t have to wait months to speak with a doctor who can put your child on the path to success- make an appointment with As You Are today.

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